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Business Checks: An Overview

Starting a small business is a difficult undertaking. Aside for the myriad details associated with the industry, the business owner must also work out how he will run his payroll and bookkeeping system. There are user-friendly programs such as Quickbooks, Intuit, and others, that can help organize business accountings. An important accessory that must come along with any of these programs are business checks.

Business checks work with an account held by the company, rather than a personal bank account. They help organize the finances of any business. When a business check is printed, necessary facts that are associated with the payment are printed on the stub. This helps ensure that all essential transactions are recorded. With many dealings taking place daily, it is easy to forget about payments. The use of business checks will help facilitate the recording of any business deals that took place.

Business checks that are compatible with common accounting programs are available, for foolproof use. Quickbooks checks and other checks of its kind are sold in more than one format. Business checks are especially important to a new business that wants to make a professional impression. They often come with many options, including how many checks to have on a page, to the smallest details, such as font, and background. They may be purchased with three on a page, if stubs are not necessary, one on a page with two stubs, or three on a page with side stubs. The last option fits nicely into a binder. The company logo may also be printed on the check, for a nice finishing touch.

Business checks may be ordered from the local bank, online, or printed personally. Each have pros and cons. The bank will already have the business owner’s information so he may not have to resupply it. However, the bank orders from a check printing company. As the middleman, the bank jacks up the price. Also, it can take a while for the checks to arrive. Online ordering may be very affordable, as many sites offer frequent coupons, and online check printing companies offer many options for personalization of business checks. Printing checks manually is the most affordable, and not very complicated. However, many small business owners don’t have the time, and would rather buy checks online.

When printing checks through the use of an accounting program, the program should be learned thoroughly first. Many of the details that must be entered on the stub are automatically entered, simplifying the process. For example, the system will automatically record the name of the payee, date of the check, vendor account number for the payee, and other details that are forgotten once the check is in the mail. Some accounting programs will even enter the information in the check register.

Employees also appreciate the features associated with business checks. For businesses that work with direct deposit for employees, voucher checks can be issued every time a deposit is made. Voucher checks provide a valid record of payroll deductions for employees. Some such data includes federal income tax withholdings, 401k, and other payroll deductions. The use of business checks can greatly improve the organization of any business’s accounting records. They help keep accurate records of all transactions, help to convey a professional image, and simplify payroll.

Bio: Tony Cain is a financial expert who advocates the use of quickbooks checks, and all business checks for easy and organized accounting. He prefers TechChecks for affordable and fast service.

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  • they are great for keeping track of what you spend, as oposed to credit cards


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