Why Dont Coupons Work?

Why don’t you use coupons? Probably because you don’t think they’ll save you anything, or you feel like it’s too much work?

Both of those are crap excuses. It’s because you don’t want to save money. It really is. If you could take one hour out of your life each week to clip coupons and planning your dinner for a week and end up saving $50, That equals $50/hour. Is that worth it? Of course it is. Who wouldn’t want to get paid $50 for 1 hour of sitting on your butt and cutting things out.

You better not be raising your hand!

Or better yet, what if you’re about to buy something online. It takes 2 seconds to Google Gap Coupon and save $20. There are lots of sites out there that are made to save you money. Why aren’t you doing it? What’s your deal?

After a long day of work, are you tired? Does your job pay you $50/hour? If it doesn’t then clipping coupons should be a piece of cake. If it does then clipping coupons should be a piece of cake compared to what you normally do for that price.

But one of the best reasons why coupons don’t work is because you don know how to use coupons. You don’t know the saving power they can get you if you do use them. The day will come when you have no choice but to use them so that you can keep your house. When that day comes you will say to yourself “I should have done this a long time ago”. Yes, you should have! Then maybe you wouldn’t be in that situation.

So do me a favor, Google how to use coupons and educate yourself.

Knowledge really is power!

Don’t let money go to waste. Use it wisely because someday you may not have as much. Then you’ll be sorry you didn’t appreciate it more. A lot of people are feeling that right now and maybe you are too. It’s never too late to start.


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  • I completely agree–a lot of money goes wasted every year because people don’t want to take that last quick step. And you’re absolutely right–most just don’t know. They’re ordering something online, and I say “WAIT!” and it takes me 30 seconds to save them 10, 20, sometimes 50% of what they were going to pay. They’re amazed, but it’s not something they couldn’t do in the first place! With a little bit of effort, you can save some money since a coupon exists for almost everything.

  • People used to think it was strange when they asked me why I used coupons and my response is, “why wouldn’t I?” Seriously…I can get something for $10 or I can get it for $7. Why wouldn’t I get the cheaper one? I was shocked that no one seemed to think that made as much sense as I did.

  • You bring up a really good point. My wife and I have saved over $1700 using coupons since June 2010.
    The comparison to your hourly wage and the return on coupons is important. Coupons let you save after tax income.

  • Coupons like that seem to be a very American thing. I don’t use coupons because a) I rarely buy name brand items and b) I always buy things on sale or wholesale. I’m always open to being proven wrong, but from everything I’ve seen, using coupons would make me spend more than I do now.

    • I agree with Canadian Doomer, most of the time coupons are for name brand products and searching on the internet you get a lot of scam sites. So in all actuality to save 50 dollars on your NORMAL shopping trip buying the items and brands you NORMALLY buy will take a lot more than an hour of your time to do. In fact this site is a sort of advertising in of itself. It is a promotion for company promotion. LOL. On another note, it is a good idea to check anyway for items you actually intended on buying in the first place. But the most you will save is a few bucks cause you will be lucky if you even find one thing that is on your weekly shopping list.


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