Should You Switch To A Prepaid Cell Phone Plan?

Cell phone bills can be a budget killer these days, especially with the fact that you need an unlimited plan in order to use smart phones to their fullest extent. After all, why would you get a smart phone and not go online? I’m always trying to get the cheapest deal I can get and I wrote previously about a way to get a discount on your plan.

So what can you do to reduce your cell phone bill? Get a prepaid cell phone. That’s really the best thing you could do. Do I have experience with it? Somewhat, but it was 4-5 years ago. Even then it was better than I thought. The biggest thing hindering people in my opinion (and hindering me) is the thought that reception will be horrible.

So I did some research and I came to the conclusion that there is really no difference, because in all actuality all they do is piggy back off of existing towers, so there shouldn’t be any noticeable difference. And a lot of the big companies are jumping into prepaid so you won’t notice any difference. With a lot of the unlimited plans on prepaid phones at $50/month you can save a lot of money.

The only downside I can really see is the cost of phones. You’re not going to get as big of a discount as you would if you signed a contract, but if you don’t need the best smart phone around you can still get a pretty good phone.

All in all I would say if you’re not a techie and don’t need the newest smart phone, but you want to get a smart phone and use it to its fullest extent, I would seriously think about switching over to a prepaid phone.

What do you think? Have you thought about switching or do you have experience with prepaid?

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