Several creative ways to help you to reduce your power bill

It has become a common thing to look for ways to reduce the household budget. It is definitely a necessity to get to know ways in which you can reduce your household expenses and particularly power bills, because there are tough economic times across the globe and this has necessitated greater wisdom in spending.  There are sources of power such as solar power that are very cost-effective because they have one of the lowest LOCE, and therefore this low cost is transferred to the consumer.

These are some of the things you can do to help you to reduce your power bills:

  • One sure way to reduce your power expenses is to change to solar power. Though there initial costs for the solar panels or solar trackers, it’s much cheaper in the long-run because the maintenance costs are almost nil as you continue to enjoy using the power. There is also the alternative of leasing the solar equipment if it’s available at a source near you. This will save you the initial costs of actually buying the equipment required.
  • Switch off and unplug all power sources when they are not in use. When you are not using electricity, you need to unplug your electrical appliances so that they don’t continue using power. Appliances such as computers, DVD Players, Televisions, air conditioners, etc continue to use some electricity if you leave them plugged in even though you are not using them.
  • Get rid of old appliances because they consume more electricity. Generally old models of appliances like fridges and TVs tend to consume a lot of power and they will run up your power bill. New models of fridges and other appliances tend to use electricity more efficiently and therefore you will get a huge saving of your power expenses in the long-run if you switch to new models.
  • Do not use your air conditioning or heating system more than needed. The air conditioning system or heating system in your house is a huge consumer of electricity. Many times when it’s hot, you really don’t need to switch on the A/C. You could actually use other methods to cool yourself down such as simply using a fan or just wearing less heavy clothing. On the other side, during the cold season, you could use other ways to warm yourself up, such as wearing warm heavy clothing, and drinking hot fluids. Only turn on your A/C or heater if you really need them on, otherwise limit their use so that you lower your electricity costs.
  • Change to LED bulbs. These type of bulbs use about half the amount of power that the other normal light bulbs would use. The LED bulbs may cost more than the other bulbs, but the gain in power bills is much more than the initial cost of the bulbs. In addition, the general costs of LED bulbs have come down substantially recently and this also makes them an excellent option.

All the best as you lower your household power bill.


Steven Charter is a specialist in the topic of exploring different power sources and comparing the costs and benefits of the various types. He has studied the different costs of generating power and has done research on which types have the lowest LCOE.

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