Financial Freedom And The Grocery Store

One of the biggest expenses that we all face is food.  While it isn’t a good idea to stop eating to save money, there certainly are some great tactics that you can use at the grocery to make sure you don’t spend too much.

Watch for Sales

Some items, especially canned and long lasting products, can be purchased in bulk when on sale.  This can save you from spending a fortune on product by buying them at full price.  Additionally, it is always a good idea to glance over your grocery store ad to see what is on sale.  It can even help when making a plan for the week to have the ad nearby.  Remember that if you buy sale items that you won’t use, you aren’t getting a good deal no matter how low the prices are.

Don’t Fall Prey to Tricks

Grocery stores have a few tricks up their sleeve to make you spend more.  If your store uses these tactics, it doesn’t mean that items aren’t a good price.  You really just need to pay attention and determine what you need.  One common trick is to list items as 2 for $5 or 3 for $12.  Most of the time, you can buy just one and still get the same sale price.  Just because they say 10 for $10 doesn’t mean you need to buy 10.  Decide what you can use and then buy that amount.  Also it is wise to calculate the price per item to make sure you really are getting a good deal.

Store Cards

Many stores require you to sign up for their store card to get their advertised prices.  It only takes a few minutes and can really save a lot of money.  Sign up for these cards.  If you really don’t want  a card, many states will require the stores to honor the lower prices without a card upon request.  Talk with your grocery store and see what they can do.

Figure Out What You Actually Need

Sadly, if you don’t plan, you can end up throwing your grocery budget into the trash.  Food is perishable and if you buy things you aren’t going to eat, you are wasting money.  Honestly consider how much produce, fresh meat and other perishable products you will use before they expire.  It is usually best to buy less than you think you will need, since inevitably things come up.  You will probably end up eating out or going to dinner at a friend’s so buy a little less than you might need to reduce waste.  Use perishable items first to keep them from spoiling.

These few tips will help keep your budget in line at the grocery store.  Often, by just buying what you need and not wasting, you save quite a bit on groceries without even having to change your eating habits.

How do you save money at the grocery store?


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  • I am a huge believer of buying in bulk when on sale. (Not buying bulk items, but buying a lot of a product when it is on sale.) I generally know when things rotate on sale, so I buy enough to hold the family over until the next sale. Combine that with some coupons, and things can be pretty darn cheap!

    • I like to do that myself. I can honestly say I’m a fan of Chef Boyardee 10 for $10 sales

  • Best way to save is to buy meat in bulk and freeze it. Look for the most discounted large package of whatever meat you prefer and buy a bunch to freeze. Also, look at your grocery store’s website. Many have a link showing sales and/or BOGO(buy one get one free). When you see something you need stock up on it.

    • I really want to get into buying meat in bulk. It’s a little hard in my situation with roommates and an apartment. But that’s going to change soon so I’ll probably get into it.

  • hi there!

    well what i do is to bring a list with me and trying my best to stick with it. (although sometimes i still fail! lol!)
    i also check on sale items but not that much since i am also aware of some tricks that supermarkets do and i check on packaging and make sure that its not yet near to its expiration date.
    and maybe, just don’t bring kids when you go shopping for grocery, to avoid extra spending…^_^

  • My wife and her mother are extreme couponers. It amazes me how well they find sales and get the coupons they need to knock the price down so much. By doing so… they beat the bulk store prices and even the generic store prices.

    It’s not all junk that they get either. Items like Peanut Butter, Cheese, Milk, Toilet Paper, Napkins, Shampoo, Razors, Cereal and more are items we get for free routinely.

    At they do is follow these two tenants:
    1. Don’t buy anything unless it’s on sale.
    2. Combine the Sale with a coupon.

    Just following those alone will save you a ton of money. Of course… when you can get the deal.. be sure to buy a lot at such a cheap price.

    Hope this helps…

  • Great! I’d try that one, Stick to my list and never turn my head to where it shouldn’t.


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