Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes 6/11/10

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Now on to the likes.

@ Little House in the Valley Who are the Real “Joneses?”

This post goes over the book The Millionaire Next Door a little bit and gives the history of where “The Joneses” came from.

@KevinDuffey Generation Lazy

I agree with the position in this post for the most part, in that we feel more entitled than other generations. However, not everyone goes through the situation described in the post. I never had everything handed to me (although I would have liked it to have been) and I never finished college. I’m definitely not in a great situation but I plan to work hard and change where I am in life. And the point he was getting at, is that you have to work hard and can’t have everything handed to you.

@ The Amateur Financier Can Money Really Not Buy Happiness?

This post answers that question really well. I agree that money can buy things that make us happy and it can also relieve a lot of stress, which can also make us happy.

@MoneyHighway Are you ready to buy a home?

There are some great questions on this post that you should ask yourself before purchasing a home. I can tell I’m not ready for a house yet. Hopefully in a few more years I’ll be in more of a position to purchase one.

@JonButterworth Idea Factory – Strategy For Thinking Creatively

I tend to stay up late in bed thinking about new ideas to blog about and it’s not really the best time to do that. In this post Jon goes over his plan to make a time to be creative. I’m going to slightly modify it from making business ideas to making post ideas, but I think it’s going to help me focus my creative thinking.

@Zen_Habits The Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Small Online Business

I’m a fan of entrepreneurism. I think everyone should own their own business. This post is from a minimalist site so you can be sure it’s going to get to the bare essentials of creating a business. It is short and to the point, just the way I like it

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