Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes 5/28/10

Stadium LightsWelcome to another Friday. I just want to share some great news with all of you. My girlfriend got a new job. This means there will be more money to save up :) So I’m happy.

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@AFMBlog This is Awesome…

The title says it all. This is a video about the European debt crisis. I think it’s pretty entertaining. Give it a watch.

@FCN Financial Reform: What’s in It for Me?

This post goes over what the Financial Reform bill will do for you. It’s a great read and I was surprised at some of the things included in the bill. I’m just really excited for it.

@MoneyCrashers Would You Prefer Alternative Taxes To Paying Income Taxes?

Taxes run our nation. This article goes over a couple of different alternatives to paying income taxes that our nation could do.

@Consumerist Satirical BP Twitter Account Has More Followers Than Real One

This is just funny. It’s a fake twitter account that spits out hilarious tweets about BP. Give it a follow and your day will be a lot better.

@1 Million Dollar Challenge How to reach your full potential

This post has a great story about someone who was told all of their life they wouldn’t amount to much. Then someone came to their life and helped them realize their potential. I agree that if you’re told all your life you won’t do much then it’s more likely that it will become true.  I love the great strategies at the end.

@EnemyOfDebt Extreme Circumstances Call For Extreme Measures

I saved the best for last. This is a great post about what it takes to get out of debt. It’s not an easy journey so don’t get down on people who are choosing to save over going out all the time.

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  • Congrats to your GF for getting a job! How long was she looking for? I think there are some good anecdotal evidence that the economy is improving yeah?
    .-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..Who Needs A Job When You Have A Private School Degree =-.

    • She’s been looking for a while off and on. She had a part time job that kept cutting her hours so it was getting tight financially. Yea I think in certain areas it’s improving a little. Thanks for the congrats

  • Congrats on the job front. Not easy to do right now. I am sure the increase in income will be a relief!
    .-= Money Funk´s last blog ..Can Money Buy Happiness? =-.

    • Thank you, it’s a big relief


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