Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes

Another great week!! How was yours? I launched a great Guide To Investing and had a great reaction to it. Be sure to get your copy before Sunday to get the special launch price of $12.95.

Want to actually stick to your new years resolution next year? Then sign up for my accountability emails so that we can keep each other on track.

A big Congrats to Evan @MJTM for his great contribution to this world…A Baby Boy. Congrats Evan.

Also, another congrats is in order for @Flexo for leaving the corporate world and heading out on his own. Congrats and I hope to one day follow your lead.

Go out and try something this weekend that you’ve always wanted to do. Remember you’ll never know if you can, unless you try.

Have a great weekend everyone and hurry up and get your shopping done for Christmas because it’s almost that time.

Now on to the Likes:

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Friday Cool Links @BitRebels

A Fascinating Stop Motion That Tracks Human Growth

What Do You Want In 2011- You Can Make It Happen!

Frostie- Future Design Puts Sound To Your Air…

eJOUX- Brilliantly Clever Digital and Interactive…

Jump-Start CARD- Borrow Power From Another Cell…

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  • Friday Night Likes…

    Personal Finance article roundup for the week…

  • Hey Kevin, thanks for inlcuding me in your roundup. Much appreciated!

  • Wow – that video was sweet. I love how the guy just stands there. Could he not hear that SWOOSH of nothing but net?!?

  • Haha, that reporter is full of luck!! Loved it. Congrats to Evan and Flexo as well, I enjoy both blogs.

  • The accountability group/email is a fantastic idea! A great way to foster blog community and keep us all on track financially at the same time! I’ll make sure to sign up!

    Congrats on the Guide To Investing!


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