Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes

Hey everybody!! How was your week? Mine was pretty fab. You can make it more fab by signing up to help me, help you, help me with accountability for my goals and your goals next year.

Next week is pretty exciting for me because I’m releasing my first eBook. It’s called Your Guide To Investing and it’s all about beginning to invest in the stock market. Pick up your copy on Monday because there’s going to be a special release price for next week only. Be sure to check out my post on Monday.

We’re still looking for more applications for the Yakezie Scholarship. It’s really easy to enter and I’m sure it could help someone you know (or even you), so tell them about it. There is no reason not to enter so go do it.

Now on to the Likes:

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Friday Cool Links @BitRebels

Send the TSA a Silent Message with These

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