Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes

Another week, another dollar. It was somewhat of a fast week with all of the voting and everything. I hope you had a chance to exercise your rights by voting……you better have or I’ll take them away.

I’ve had a lot of interest in the $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway so be sure to enter since it’s pretty easy and you only have until Sunday night. Plus it’s free, so do it.

Could you use free money? yea, me too. So if you feel like voting for me in the FreeScore scary mask contest, click on this link and help me win free money :) And yes that is Vaseline on my face…..Thanks.

And just a reminder to set your clocks back this weekend so you can Fall Back

Thank you all for your support and thank you all for reading. I really do appreciate it and I’m happy that you enjoy my blog

Now on to the Likes:

@fiscalfizzle Stop Complaining About Money

@MoneySmart Online Master’s Degrees & Your Career

@FiscalGeek Getting Out of Debt After a Long Layoff

@DoughRoller What If You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

@Yakezie The Best Personal Finance Sites

@EdayTipsThought What Would You Do With A Letter From the President

@RedeemingRiches What is the Best Credit Card For You

@FinancialSamura Does My Vote Matter

@DanielPacker Keep Sales Receipts to Reduce Stress

@Flexo Carnival of Personal Finance #281: Halloween Candy Edition

@TheSavedQuarter Yakezie Carnival

Friday Cool Links @BitRebels

Counting Finger Ring Lets You Count Money

What You Can Do With 2,500 Matches In 24 Hours

The Storm Flipper- A Happy Drinking Fountain

Skin Printer- It Heals Wounds Just Like In Fifth

How To- Collect Your Farts to Fuel a Cannon

How To Overcome The Blind Spot While Driving

I’ll leave you with this little gem of a video of who I wish I could have voted for.

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  • Thanks for the mention Kevin!

  • Personal Finance Buzz…

    Your story was featured in Personal Finance Buzz! Please visit and promote your article….

  • Thanks for mentioning the article on a master’s degree and your career!

  • Best wrapper online! Cheers, mate

  • I’m voting for Basil!

    • Nooooooooooo


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