Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes

Well this week went by very fast. I’m getting a lot of great feedback from my eCourse and I really appreciate it. Be sure to sign up for it and let me know how you like it.

Not much news as far as my Alexa rank goes, It’s been kinda hovering. I do expect it to start going down soon though thanks to all of you. Thanks for coming back again and again. If you haven’t yet be sure to sign up for my RSS feed or my weekly newsletter.

Now on to the Likes:

@BudgetsAreSexy Kiva – The Rock Stars of Microfinancing!

I love entrepreneurship and I’m a fan of what Kiva does. Check it out.

@DoughRoller New Health Care Benefits That Take Effect TODAY!

Great summary of the new benefits of that go went into effect yesterday.

@EnemyOfDebt Saying “I Can’t” Is Just Like Saying “I Don’t Want To”

All I have to say is, true.

@CheckAdvantage How to Attack Debt – Advice From Five Expert Personal Finance Bloggers

Title says it all. Go see what I had to say.


@GrlRedBalloon Hitting Friends Up for Money

Who doesn’t want to cure cancer? Help out.

@PFFirewall Creating a Screenshot Factory for

I started up my own. How can you pass up free money?

@ The Saved Quarter Free Museum Day September 25 – check to see what’s free near you!

Educational and Free. What more could you ask for?

@ Frugal Confessions Saving Money on Prescription Drugs: Pharmacy Programs

Great list of programs that help save money at the pharmacy

@CanadianFinance 10 Ways To Save Money On A Birthday Party

This can be an expensive event so anything to help on cutting expenses is helpful

@NealFrankle Setting Up A Small Business Made Simple

Great sum up of what you’ll need to start a business

Cool Links @BitRebels

Metal Neckties: Are You A Silver Or A Gold Person?

Tread-Walk: Brilliant or Stupid Invention?

Chinese Culture: 8 Photographs That Will Blow Your Mind!

Have Fun: Draw And Doodle On This Coffee Mug With Chalk

Now There Is A Better Way To Carry Your Beer!

I’ll leave you this Friday with the funniest clip I’ve ever seen or probably ever will. Why did he take his shirt off? Have a great weekend!!

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