Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes

Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.  ~Bill Watterson

Well said. Anyways, if you haven’t noticed I’m getting into doing video blogging. I’m thinking about doing actual long posts instead of just quick ones but we’ll see how that comes along.

Thanks to everyone that has been watching a reading here. Without you there wouldn’t be anyone reading so I’m glad you’re here. I think my rankings are going to start kicking into gear and finally lowering. I’m currently around 114,000 but that’s good considering I was hovering around 117,000 this past week. So thanks for helping me with that. If you want to let other people know what you think about Financially Poor feel free to leave a review.

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Now on to the Likes:

@DoughRoller The Bottled Water Industry is Out of Control

I completely agree. I have a water with pitcher I use. I never buy bottle water because…..well…because we already pay for it every month from the city so why would I spend more money on it? Exactly. It’s a waste of money and it is horrible for the environment that our kids are going to have to live in.

@ChristianPF Getting Ready For Christmas: 7 Things To Do Today

Never too early to start because it comes up fast. Next thing you know you’re broke because you use all of your money at one time for presents.

@Bargainr Five Worst Car Maintenance Scams

I’m not a mechanic and I’m always weary of mechanics. I really need to find one I can trust and not one that’s just trying to get my last dime.

@JeffRoseCFP Co-Signing a Loan: Nice Gesture or Financial Suicide?

My brother did this for a past girlfriend and needless to say it did not turn out well. Don’t do it.

@GRSBlog Capitalist Kids: Encouraging Young Entrepreneurs

I wish I was entrepreneurial like when I was a kid. I would have learned a lot before it actually had a chance to hurt me. This is something I’m for sure going to encourage my kids to do (When I get some).

@GE_Miller 10 Library Freebies you Might Not have Known (or Forgot) About

You already pay for the library so you might as well use it. Check out these great ways to use it that can even save you money.

@AFMBlog Billionaires Who Have Taken the Giving Pledge

This is a great thing and I think it’s a trend that’s gaining momentum. Billionaires already give a lot but to give half of your fortune is a great commitment that will help a lot of people in this world.

@EnemyOfDebt How Your Financial Decisions Can Impact The Family You Love

This is really something more people need to think about. And it can go many ways, perhaps you want to give your family everything so you charge up. But that’s not really what your family needs. They need food ,clothing, shelter, and your love. Just remember that and you’ll be better off.


Yakezie Member Post – Wandering Earl

Yakezie Member Post- Young and Thrifty

Yakezie Member Post – Len Penzo dot Com

Yakezie Member Post – Eventual Millionaire

Yakezie Member Post – Beating Broke

@Arohan Announcing New Wealth Forums

I know I had this on last week but I wanted to mention it again because I think it’s a great place to visit. It’s really starting to pick up steam and any question you have will get answered there. All you have to do is ask. So go visit the Wealth Forums and learn a lot. I am.

@MoneyFunk Health Care Reform: Dependent coverage to Age 26

I think the new health care bill is great. And I’m looking forward to all of the great things it’s going to do for people. Yea it costs a lot of money but so does war and no one had a problem with that. So lets make people healthy not kill them :)

@ConsumerBoomer 15 Best Online Resources For Baby Boomers

This is a great one stop post with a lot of great links for information.

@MJTM Please Don’t Use an Automated System to Draft Your Last Will and Testament

Some things aren’t always meant to be DIY

@JonDeGroff Failure

We really do get better through our failures but only if you don’t look at them as a reflection of ourselves.

@Money_Reasons Is Recycling Aluminum Cans Worth Doing Anymore?

I used to help my babysitter crush cans at her house for recycling. It was a lot of fun and I could tell she was making some change from it. So here’s a tip: set up a day care and have kids crush cans all day :)

@NealFrankle “I Got Fired” Survival Guide

It’s touch to get canned so learn how to not let it hurt you so bad

@LenPenzo What a $168 Cheese Sandwich Can Teach Us About Hype & Value

All I can say is…WOW. Learn a lesson from those that are succeeding I guess.

@CanadianFinance What Is A Price To Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio)?

I’m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to investing so I really need to work on that. The basics are the least you need to know when it comes to investing.

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Found this video a little late but thought I’d add it because it brightened up my Saturday so hopefully it does the same for yours

I found this video @NaomiDunford Things That Blew My Damn Mind This Week

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  • Appreciate your mentioning the forums over at Personal Dividends. As you said, we just started and it is now picking up steam. And Thanks for being a member!

    • Happy to be one

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  • Friday Night Likes…

    Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless. ~Bill Watterson…

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  • Thanks for the mention! Your site looks great! I’ll be sure to check out some of your videos this weekend.

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