Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes

Give a man a fish and he has food for a day; teach him how to fish and you can get rid of him for the entire weekend.  ~Zenna Scha

Gotta love the short week. Thank you for reading and I love reading and responding to all of your comments. If you have an opinion about one of my posts, let it out. I love to hear other people’s opinions.

Currently in Alexa I’m hovering around 117,000 for my 3 month average but that should start going down more soon since my 1 month average is in the high 80,000. So I’m looking forward to that :) Thank you all for making my blog so popular.

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Now on to the Likes:

@GE_Miller 10 Free Birthday Coupons for Meals & Drinks

Is it your birthday? Hungry? Well you’re in luck because this post will help you get free food on your birthday.

@Doughroller It’s All About the New Benjamins

When ever I see a new bill out and about I always wonder how many people get it and say…”This is so fake”

@PTMoney 9 Largest Collections (of Junk?) in the World

That takes a lot of dedication. I wonder how that translates to the other parts of their life.

@MoneyNing Don’t Get Spooked by the High Cost of Halloween

It’s about that time again. Use these tips to save a few bucks.


@MoneyMatters Get Motivated To Reach Your Financial Goals – And Motivate Others!

@MattChevy The Thing About Starting Over


Yakezie Member Post – Couple Money

Yakezie Member Post – Bucksome Boomer

Yakezie Member Post – Squirrelers

Yakezie Member Post – Little House in the Valley

Yakezie Member Post – Saving Money Today

@Arohan A Brief History of Labor Day

Interesting read. I was not aware of how it started. You learn something new everyday.

@FrugalZeitgeist Buying Beer in Bulk

Great idea to save some money. I’m more of a Miller Lite man so this won’t help me that much but if you like locally brewed beer this article is good for you.

@ The Saved Quarter 5 Ways to Save on Diapers

Those things get expensive. These are some great tips. I’m not sure if I could use the cloth diapers but I’m sure it would save a lot of money.

@FunnyAboutMoney Ant Wars: The Battle of the Front Stoop

I hate ants ever since I accidentally rolled around on an anthill when I was younger. So this battle made me happy :)

@InvestItWisely Three Reasons Why You Should Learn a New Language

I’m currently (for the past 5 years) trying to learn Spanish. I think it’s about time to actually learn something.

@PFFirewall The Wrong Way To Change Banks: My Latest Mistake

It’s always good to learn from other people’s mistakes, especially if you could see yourself doing it like I could.


The Instant Millionaire: A Tale of Wisdom & Wealth

Buy Back My Clothes Experiment & Giveaway

Friday Cool Links @BitRebels

Infinite Candle: This Flame Burns Forever

Flexible Waste Basket: One Less Trip To The Garbage Can

10 Flavors Of Doritos You’ve Never Seen Before

I’ll leave you with a little LOL from @BitRebels #LOL Can Animals Laugh Out Loud Like We Do?


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  • Well done with your progress! It just takes time and you will be below 100K in no time!

  • Personal Finance Buzz…

    Your story was featured in Personal Finance Buzz! Please visit and promote your article….

  • Friday Night Likes…

    Give a man a fish and he has food for a day; teach him how to fish and you can get rid of him for the entire weekend. ~Zenna Scha…

  • Thanks for including my post in your roundup!

  • Hey, thanks for the mention!

    Washing cloth diapers is no where near as gross as I’d envisioned it. I added two loads of laundry a week, most with no extra pre-treating after shaking solids into the toilet. Really easy. And cost effective!

    • Maybe when I’m around poop all day I won’t mind it as much.


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