Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes

Happy Friday!! It’s been an ok week. I’ve been sick since Monday but I think that has passed so yay.

I’m down to around 93,000 in the Alexa rankings so that’s real good since I took last week off. I’d like to re-thank everyone for their help in promoting all of my posts last week and thanks to all of you for reading.

I’m getting a lot of great feedback from my Financial Freedom eCourse. Be sure to sign up to get great information to stop being broke and getting your finances straight.

I had a lot going on this week and that should continue the next couple of weeks when I announce an eBook I’m working on. I’m really putting a lot of work into it and I really hope every enjoys it. I’ll have more info in the coming weeks.

I’m going to be having a new contest next week so be on the lookout Monday for the announcement.

 I want give you a heads up about this neat retirement tool at Sun Life Financial. Go check it out and let me know what you think.

I also what to give a public shout out to @DJSisterhen for helping me with some questions that I couldn’t find any answers to. I’ll be talking about that in the not to near future but I will talk about it. Go check him out at and go buy his book Get Naked: Stripping Down to Money and Marriage.

Now on to the Likes:

@Jwhite Why People Complain and What We Can Do About It

@OutOfYourRut Pursuing Your Passion Isn’t as Risky as it Used to Be

@CleverDude Wanna be a millionaire- Move to Vietnam!

@MoneyNing The Financial Price Of Being A Stay At Home Mom

@Yakezie The Best Personal Finance Sites

@ Digging Out From Out Mess Please support the Pepsi Refresh Grant Programs

@NewCarCoach How to negotiate with moving companies

@EDayTipsThought Would You Pay For An Extravagant Wedding

@FinancialSamura The Comfortable Lifestyle Business or The Big Payout

@Flexo Debt Settlement Companies Can Easily Skirt New Rules

@TheSavedQuarter Halloween Candy Buy Back

@GrlRedBalloon New Goal- Acquire No New Debt

@WInformatics Financial Planning Days – My experience and observations

@UltMoneyBlog What’s the Strangest Online Purchase You’ve Made

@DeliverAwayDeby Focus on the Important Things

@SmartOnMoney Retiring Wealthy On An Average Salary- The Story Of The Sensible Social Worker

@DanielPacker Suze Orman Gave Bad Advice

@MoneyCrush Recognize and Eliminate Distractions

@Elle_CM Buying a Car with Cash, No Loan

@PunchDebt Marshmallow Test, Delay Gratification

Friday Cool Links @BitRebels

The Power Of A Storm Captured In Pictures!

An Online Tool For Easy Recipe Browsing!

And to end this lovely week I’ll show you this video that I found @Consumerist Why Are TV Ads For Lawyers So Unbelievably Sh&%!y?

Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!!!

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