Friday Night Likes

Friday Night Likes 7/2/10

Nov 3, 2008 photo credit: kevindooley

Friday’s here, that means payday for some of us. YAY. Anyways, it’s a 3 day weekend so enjoy it and have a great 4th of July. And while you’re enjoying how about you check out Financially Poor on Facebook and Like it :) Be safe this weekend and don’t speed. Here are the Likes:

@ The Financial Student Complaining About Money Won’t Make You Richer

He tells a story about one of his friends that complain about how he’s not earning as much as him but doesn’t do anything to change it. If you complain about something then you don’t want to change it bad enough.

@MoneyCrashers The Only Skill You Need to Get Out of Debt

If you don’t know the difference between wants and needs then you’re going to have a hard time saving money.  That’s pretty much the truth, so check this post out to combat that.

@EnemyOfDebt Personal Finance For Beginners: A Lesson From Oseola McCarty

This post has a great story and the lessons learned from the inspirational Osceola McCarty.

@SuburbanDollar Carnival of Personal Finance #263 – Upstate Edition

Check it out…Im in it :)

@TMFProject Do You Have The Guts?

This article just really hit me. I love the use of the word guts. A great quote from it “50 years from now, don’t you want to look back and say you had the guts?”

I leave you with a couple of cool things I found @BitRebels

Snap It & Stamp It – Camera Now Lets You Stamp Your Images!

Could You Live In This Space? – Architectural Inspiration

Happy 4th of July

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  • What a lovely surprise this morning – appreciate the inclusion here!

    Have a fantastic holiday weekend!


    • I love your writing, Very motivating. You have a great holiday weekend as well.


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