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Friday Night Lights 6/25/10

Stadium LightsCreative Commons License photo credit: Jack Rydquist

Another week has ended, so lets all be thankful :). Thank you all for reading and hopefully you’ve enjoyed my blog so far. If you haven’t yet please check out my Facebook page and give it a like. Also, be sure to sign up for my weekly updates and exclusive email giveaways I’m going to be doing.

I’d like to send a big thanks to Jon over at Musings of a Financial Professional for reposting This 1 Question Will Change Your Spending Habits on his site. Now, check out this weeks Likes.

@MoneyMatters What Is The Best Way To Save For A New Child?

I’m not having a baby right now but if I were I would get a lot of help from this article. It goes over the different items you’ll need for a baby and how you can save on them.

@Studenomics Debt Consolidation Services– What You Need To Ask

Debt consolidation is a great way to help you get rid of your debt. Unfortunately there are a lot of places out there that just want to take you for a ride. This post does a great job of going over what you should look for when trying to consolidate your debt.

@MoneyCrashers How To Prepare A Will Yourself

Every one needs one. Check out this post to see how to do it on the cheap by doing it yourself.

@MoneyNing Learning to Say “No” to Your Kids

Saying “No” to your kids really does teach discipline and teached them that you can’t always get what you want, without hard work anyway. This article goes in-depth on saying no in today’s society.

@PTMoney 5 Good Things Your Money Can Do…for Others

I’m a big fan of giving to those in need. My favorite charity is, check them out. Anyways, check out this article to find out 5 other ways you can touch someones life.

@FinancialSamura Overcoming The Wall

This is a great post on being invisible at work. I think the way companies have become today is shameful. They don’t care about the person very much (there are exceptions of course). Hopefully one day that will change, but I won’t hold my breath.

@DeliverAwayDebt The Debt Destroyer | The System

I like this system because it promises a lot and I think it can deliver… and because the name is bada$$. I’m going to be sure to check out the rest of the series and you should too.

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  • Friday night lights! Big game with USA vs. Ghana tomorrow at 11:30am PST!

    Being invisible sucks, thnx for the inclusion.

    Cheers, Sam

    • I know I can’t wait for the game!!

  • Thanks for the mention, Kevin! Keep up the good work.
    Have an awesome weekend!

    • Thanks, you have a great weekend too.


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