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Make Money With Your Blog

Make Money With Your BlogPeople blog for a variety of reasons – to get their ideas out, to be heard by a worldwide audience, to express a strong point of view, to educate, to help, to spread and share knowledge, and you too can do that and make money with your blog. Not all blogs can be monetized with ease, but if you already have a blog that is popular or have the flair for writing on topics that people like, then you can be on your way to make some good money through your blog. Since blogging is mostly a fun activity, you can make money with your blog by doing something that you normally do anyway.

A Must To Make Money With Your Blog

To make money with your blog, the first requirement is that you should have a healthy blog with a lot of readers. If you don’t already have such a blog, you can always create one, but do be patient because it takes time to build a steady readership. If you are starting a blog from the scratch, you should always select topics that people will like and want to read about, instead of arcane academic or overly technical topics. Traffic is extremely important, so keep your reader in mind.

To drive more traffic, you should blog often about topics that are hot and in the news. This is important because you want to give your readers something good and fresh to look forward to in your blog. Only when you can provide quality content will your blog become popular and people will share and promote your posts. Quality is very important, but so is the quantity.

When you are blogging in order to make money, it greatly helps to target some keywords. When your article or blog post target a keyword, it comes in top of the search engine rankings for that keyword, so more people can get to your blog. A simple Google keyword tool is sufficient to target the best keywords. Never overdo using the keyword in your posts, but make it flow naturally.

Now It’s Go Time To Make Money With Your Blog

Once you have a blog that has been established, you should now look at ways to monetize it. The best and simplest thing to look for is Google Adsense. There are several alternatives but this usually works best especially for beginners. It is simple to set up and easy to install, without any detailed technical details from your side. The way Adsense works is that Google posts sponsored links on your blog that you have full freedom to design and decide the location of. When people read your blog and click on these advertisers’ links, you get paid a certain percentage of what the advertiser pays Google.

A blog is a fun and easy way to make some extra cash. If you are very serious and want to make money with your blog, then it is usually better to use a website instead of a blog, as you have more freedom designing and maintaining it. However, a blog works very well for beginners and it doesn’t need any technical knowledge, so anyone who has good thoughts and would like to get them out there can start to make money with your blog and get your voice heard.

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  • Kevin, do you think you need an established blog in order to make money? Do you think getting a bunch of links in a short period of time could be enough to push you up the Google rankings even if you have low quality content and few readers? I’m not convinced that quality is king – at least not the way we make our blogging income.

    • I completely agree with your last statement. I think creating an authority blog is more profitable in the long term but creating smaller niche blog can bring in a good amount of income and are much easier to create. And creating multiple small niche blogs is the way to go to spread out your income so it’s not all in one basket. Bookmarking a post that’s not quality and getting other links can help boost where that post comes up. Google can’t read as far as proper English and it shouldn’t since not everyone writes well in English. So spinning content and posting it on a site is going to be just as good as creating a quality post in Google’s eyes. That’s a good tactic if you only want people to come to your site and click on adsense. If your Goal is to have them keep coming back then quality would win out. But that’s not everyone’s goal.

  • I try to always post high-quality content on my blog, but sometimes I’m surprised by reader reactions … a post that I think is good will be overlooked; a post that I think is mediocre will catch fire and get lots of positive comments. Staying attuned to what works and what doesn’t is critical to developing a good blog, I think.

  • Adsense is good to start for sure. But CPA (cost per action) offers from networks like Neverblue and Flexoffers, etc can do very well too, esp. if you are a personal finance blogger.

  • I’d like to add that (1) getting adsense ads actually on your site is a headache, until you realize that there are plugins that can help you; and (2) I’ve heard that it takes about a year after starting a blog that you can expect to start seeing some profit. So hang in!

  • Something really interesting to look forward. Blogging is a very interesting concept and can be a huge source of income at the same time. It’s just we have to shape up the whole procedure in a proper way in order to achieve our target. If it’s our personal blog, then including thousand of unnecessary commercial back link wont make us achieve desired page rank that we wish to get. The content, design and the overall structure would have to be perfectly classy and systematic. It’s my personal experienced that I have got from current blog which made me believe that small niche blogs are often useful and can be tracked as a high source of income.


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