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How to Look for Legitimate Online Jobs

The internet has revolutionized our way of life and has entered into every nook and corner of our lives. It is not surprising that the work we do is also changing to use the power of the internet. As the internet grows and more people are connected to each other every day, the range of online jobs simply keeps increasing. Every day sees the creation of a lot of new online jobs.

Unfortunately, with so many  legitimate jobs, there seems to be an equal, if not more, opportunity for frauds. There are thousands of websites promising tens of hundreds of dollars for unskilled work like data entry. The simple fact of the matter is, no company is ever going to pay you money to do something so trivial and even if it does, it will usually be a few dollars an hour, not enough to sustain a living. In spite of obvious signs, a number of people fall victim to one or more of these online job scams.

You’re going to pay me how much?

It is important to be protected against scams while looking for legitimate jobs online. One obvious sign of trouble is a really high sum of money for something that doesn’t require a lot of skill. The online marketplace works just like any other marketplace, that is the better skilled you are and the more the demand for your skills, the higher your pay. If something seems to be violating this principle, beware.

Now just because there are hundreds of scams out there doesn’t mean that you cannot find some real jobs. The internet has allowed communication possible like never before and distance no longer seems to be an issue. An American worker can take on assignments for an Australian or English client with as much ease as an American company. This significantly increases the ease of finding suitable jobs and assignments to work on.


The easiest way to find real and legitimate jobs online is to freelance your time. This works like any other freelancing, i.e. you essentially work for yourself and do not limit yourself to one employer. This is increasingly becoming common simply because companies need people for shorter projects and assignments and prefer freelancers instead of hiring someone full time.

You will need to find a skill and niche for yourself and then work on the projects accordingly. The internet connects you directly with your employer for the project and the website usually handles the money aspect of the work. Some of the well renowned sites in this niche include oDesk, Elance, Guru and VWorker (Formaly RentACoder). These are well established sites with enough jobs posted for everyone. It is important to recognize your skills and look for jobs accordingly.

Surveys, Surveys, Surveys

There are other kinds of jobs that you can consider doing, such as surveys. There are again a lot of scams in this but a number of legitimate companies do offer surveys to be completed. You can be rewarded either in cash or in the form of coupons. It is important to know that this is just to help you with some additional income and savings and is usually not enough to support yourself. On the other hand, freelancing can help you live off the money you make on the internet.

Have you done any online jobs before?


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  • Great article, it does seem that freelancing is one of the few ways to avoid all the scams that are out there!

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  • How to Look for Legitimate Online Jobs…

    In spite of obvious signs, a number of people fall victim to one or more of these online job scams….

  • The Internet has too many scammers! Buyer beware! My son has found a job through an online posting, but it was a regular job. I view online jobs as too good to be true. I feel it takes advantage of people who want them. I am glad I am not looking for one, it takes too much effort to seek out the few that are legitimate. I am probably biased and stuck in another generation. Oh well!

  • Good list. Retweeting this one. It’s tough to find a good survey company because so many of them are a scam.

    • Thanks!

  • Great post! I am all over those freelance sites – they’ve actually dont pretty well for me. I can honestly say though it took me a while to find my rhythm sometimes even the most real “feeling” situations can turn out to be scammy.

    • I know what you mean.

  • The only thing I do online is write for larger publications. Other than that, I’m happy with just advertisement on FS and helping out the Yakezie Members.


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