The Best Free PDF Tools to Help You Save Time and Money

PDF tools are of great help when dealing with PDF files. With these tools, you can split or merge pages, annotate or highlight PDF documents, add a header or even change PDF files. There are many multipurpose programs that offer general features for re-ordering, or splitting pages, and merging PDF files. The following are some of the best free PDF tools that can help you save money substantially:


With Docs.Zone, you can merge files into a single PDF file for ease of use. This feature is particularly helpful in case you need to merge all your data into a single large file to prevent it from cluttering file folders in your computer. The best attribute about Docs.Zone is that it is extremely easy to use. You do not have to be a tech guru to find your way on the site. Should you get stuck, easy to follow instructions are available to guide you.

PDFill PDF Tools

This tool comes with an extremely clean and nice user interface that covers most functions. Some of the functions include merging PDF files, reordering or splitting pages, cropping or rotating PDF pages, and adding footers, or headers, complete with page numbers.

You can add watermarks either through typing some text or through inserting a background image in a PDF format. The tool supports extra features such as decrypt and encrypt with security options. You can run PDFill tools from within a PDFill PDF Editor – a separate installer that contains the tools only.

PDF Shaper

The PDF Shaper offers a host of PDF tools that include Merge and Split PDFs, Decrypt and Encrypt PDF, Convert PDF to Word, Extract Text from PDF, Sign PDF or Rotate Pages and Extract Images from PDF. PDF Shaper is extremely easy to use. When installing the PDF Shaper, it is important to uncheck the bundling a toolbar option. Additionally, uncheck any other component that you don’t need.

PDFTK Builder

This is an incredible alternative to the other above-mentioned tools. An incredible attribute about this tool is the fact that it can reorder or merge selected pages of a PDF file simultaneously. This makes your work quite simple. The PDTFK Builder supports split, encrypt, stamp/background, and rotate features.

jPDF Tweak

Are you looking for a free tool that will give you the highest number of features? Then jPDF Tweak is an excellent choice. You can get its reorder, split, and merge functions under the ‘input’ tab. If you want to enter a new filename, you can enter it in the ‘output’ tab.

With this feature rich program, you can format, watermark, and rotate several pages. Moreover, you can effortlessly change the chapter bookmarks and page numbers. What is more is that you can also enjoy encryption functions. This amazing tool enables users to set document properties and viewer preferences. Lastly, this tool enables you to add an array of attachments to your PDF documents.


This is an incredible tool for those with the desire to visually recompose or re-order multiple pages of a PDF file. The tool helps you rotate, split, extract, merge, and mix pages by specifying your page numbers. Re-organizing PDF pages in thumbnail view has never been easy. In thumbnail mode, you can re-order, rotate, delete or merge PDF pages and save the results in another PDF file.

PDFsam can run on any Java-supported operating system because it is a Java app.

The above PDF tools are highly effective. The fact that they are free means you don’t have to spend even a cent to acquire them. Use them today and experience the magic.

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