Getting the Best TV Shows and Movies for Your Money

Some people may think of you as an addict when it comes to your copious television and movie viewing. Maybe they think you’re a science fiction nerd, or something like that. Maybe they just don’t get it. You know what the coolest shows are on television and you know exactly when the latest box office bashes are going to be available on HBO and Starz. You just might be the person your friends go to when it comes time to discuss what went on last night on Game of Thrones. You may be the one still angry that Boardwalk Empire is no longer on.

For whatever reason, you know that the premium channels are bringing out the best of the best, not just in movies but also their TV shows. Games of Thrones is one of the highest rated shows these days and it is an HBO gem. So, here are some reasons why it just makes sense to invest some money and order DirectTV in Georgia, or wherever you live. Look into packages that offer great deals on the show packages you want.

The Best TV Shows

While Game of Thrones is by far the best show on HBO, they also offer other greats like VEEP and Silicon Valley. HBO definitely has a little something for everyone, even if you aren’t into movies.

Starz newest gem is Outlander, based on a book series. It’s great for people interested in history, as well as women who want something more than just a soap opera. Starz has a lot of great shows, and some good ones coming up also. They include Ash vs The Evil Dead, Black Sails and The Missing.

Showtime is a favorite channel for horror lovers, with their original series Penny Dreadful. They also offer other great shows like Nurse Jackie, and Homeland. They were home to Dexter and Californication before the shows ended.

The Latest Movies

All of these channels, including Cinemax, offer the latest and greatest movies earlier than cable TV. This saves you money on rentals and DVD purchases by letting you watch without a player. If you have On Demand you can also watch many other films, old and new. Nothing like saving gas not needing to make a trip to the rental store every week!

Premium Free TV

While premium TV does offer some great choices, channels like AMC are giving them a run for their money with awesome shows like The Walking Dead. TWD has a spin off coming soon too, so you know it’s popular.

Before you decide which channels you think you need or don’t need, take some time to look into the current running shows and what each channel has coming out. There are continuously new great shows in the works, not matter what genre interests you. Find a great package that offers you the channels you want and you’ll find that paying your television bill is less of a pain when it’s actually entertaining you! Plus, you just might find that you save some money if you don’t have to buy your favorite shows on DVD when the complete seasons are released.

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