Choosing the Style of Your New Restaurant

When you plan to eat out, the first question that comes to mind is what style of food are you in the mood for? This is how most people decide where to eat out on any given night. Having a restaurant style that resonates with your community is ideal for maintaining a profitable establishment. Of course, standing out with a unique style of food can also be lucrative. Whatever your business strategy, having an idea of the restaurant style you want to pursue is ideal. Here are some of your choices:

  • Seafood: A lot of people enjoy a great fish or lobster meal. But keep in mind that solely basing your restaurant on seafood can limit your customer base.
  • Steakhouses: This is suitable for communities that enjoy eating at midscale and upscale restaurants. The midscale steakhouses cater to family-oriented customers who enjoy a more casual environment. Upscale eateries will consist of larger cuts of higher quality meat and a fancier atmosphere.
  • Family-style restaurants: These revolve around providing a family-oriented atmosphere that is casual and offer quick or full services. These tend to have menus that have a larger variety of foods.
  • Casual restaurants: This offers appeal to a larger audience, including gen y, gen x, baby boomers, seniors and those with families. These consist of menus with salads, appetizers, desserts and main dishes with mid-range prices.
  • Ethnic restaurants: This makes up a large portion of the restaurant market in the S. These include quick-service joints and upscale restaurants. The three most popular ethnic food choices include Chinese, Italian and Mexican. Other options include Japanese, Indian, Mediterranean, Caribbean and Thai.

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