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Ready to Quit Your Day Job? Three Ways to Earn an Income From Home

SWork from homeince the first dial-up connection was established, people have sought ways to make money online and work from home. In the early days of the Internet, many of the “work from home” advertisements ended up being illegitimate and costing money.

Fortunately, as the Internet has matured, several legitimate ways to earn an income from home have emerged. Whether you open an online store that makes use of online postage programs or start a promising freelance career, you can work from home with a real career.

Yes, You Can Work From Home!

Many people view work-from-home opportunities as scams or employment reserved for a select few. However, anyone is capable of earning money online with motivation, marketable skills and discipline. As you start investigating work-from-home opportunities, realize anything that promises to make you rich quickly is probably illegitimate. Like a traditional career, building an online career takes time, effort and dedication.

Remember, you are not limited to one source of income: Many successful self-employed individuals have multiple sources. Here are three potential opportunities for a career at home:

  1. Open an Online Store. A significant amount of commerce is conducted online these days. Consider getting your share by opening your own online store. Begin by deciding what you’d like to sell. You may craft your own products or resell others. Some successful storeowners buy locally made products and then offer them to an international audience. Your next step is to create your store. Purchase a hosting account, SSL certificate, commerce software and a merchant account. Once all this is configured, you’ll be ready to offer your products. In your home, designate an area for online work as well as a shipping area. This will create a streamlined process, allowing you to print your own shipping labels and package products and send them.
  2. Start a Freelance Career. Freelancing has been around for decades; however, with the ever-increasing interconnectivity of businesses around the world, the market for freelancers has exponentially increased. Essentially any type of specialized skill that requires computers can be parlayed into a freelance career. Among the most popular are writing, web design and financial services. Spend time perfecting your skill, and start browsing freelance job boards, sites of Dallas legal headhunter and similar sources. Once you take your first assignment, put a significant amount of time into it so it’s of the highest quality. Most freelancers depend on repeat work from clients; quality is important. Whether you’re a graphic designer or a programmer, you can start a freelance career and work from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.
  3. Become a Blogger. Nearly every website these days has a blog. What once started as online journals has become a method of information delivery that has transformed the Internet. If you have a particular set of skills, talents or hobbies, you can become a successful blogger. It takes a significant amount of time and effort to create a successful blog; however, it can become your only source of income. You can monetize with downloadable product offerings, placed advertisements and affiliate programs. Start blogging now about your passion to build a new online career.

Say Goodbye to Bosses and Schedules

While you will have to maintain a schedule to be successful, it will be your schedule. Once you quit your job, you will no longer have strict bosses, rigid schedules or a dreaded cubicle. Build up your online career until you are confident that you’ll be able to maintain your current standard of living. While this may take time, with consistent work you’ll be able to say goodbye to the 9-to-5 grind once and for all.

About the Author: Bill Dolan is a contributing writer who operates a business from his home. By making use of the time- and money-saving products offered by, he has been able to build a successful one-man operation.

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