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Plugins For Your New Website

Today I’m going to show you the plugins that will make you blog work a lot better and show you how to get people to love you.

So let’s start with the plugins, just be sure you’re logged in to wordpress and select plugins and then add new.

And then search and install these plugins:

After The Deadline – Will help with grammar and spelling when you’re writing posts.

Clean Archives Reloaded – Helps create a great archive page for you.

CommentLuv – Gives incentive to have people comment.

Conditional CAPTCHA for WordPress with Akismet – Helps stop spams.

Sharebar – Lets people share your articles

Contact Form 7 – Creates a clean contact form for your contact page.

WP-DBManager – Backs up your website sutomatically.

Google XML Sitemaps – Helps get you site found by Google.

Limit Login Attempts – Helps protect your site.

Subscribe To Comments – Allows people to subscribe to a comment so they can come back to it.

Thank Me Later – Sends a nice email to people when they comment for the first time.

W3 Total Cache – Speeds up your site, so people aren’t waiting forever for your site.

Whydowork Adsense – Great way to add adsense to posts.

wp-insert – Lets you insert anything anywhere. Allow your creative juices to flow.

WP Mobile Detector – Will give a mobile friendly version of your site if the reader is on a smart phone.

ViperBar – Puts a bar at the top of your site to help communicate with your readers.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – Helps interlink your site and get readers to explore more.

If you decide on Thesis theme be sure to get Thesis OpenHook. It’s like wp-insert but 10x more flexible. Also get Ultimate Thesis Theme Options to add even more flexability.

I know it’s a lot but I didn’t want to cheat you by giving you only the basics. I gave you the full arsenal of what I use. All of those aren’t required but I’d recommend all of them.

After all of those are installed it’s time to get people to love you. Guess how?

Give them something for free! Just like I’m giving you now. Do you love me yet? Great, then it’s working :)

But it doesn’t have to be this detailed, it can just be a top 10 report or something useful.

But, to give it to them you’re going to want to get their email so that you can give them more useful information and and if you show them something that’s useful for them and costs money, they might be inclined to buy it.

So how do you get their emails?

Sign up for an Aweber account, which is just 1 penny for the first month. They will basically help you collect addresses. They have a lot of great tutorials so I’m not going to go into more detail, but they do have a plugin to make it easier to add a form for people to sign up. They are the best company for that.

There is a somewhat free alternative called MailChimp. The only problem is that if you decide they aren’t as flexible as you want and you switch to Aweber (you will), you will lose most of the people on your list because they have to resubscribe (but you do get to send an email to them to get them to do that) , so be aware of that.

There are also free plugins that provide the same service but they can slow down your site a lot and don’t always go through or are most likely to be marked as spam…if they make it that far.

Now, you may have noticed I haven’t mentioned a free website host other than HostGator. The truth is that you can make a free site on or Those are OK if you’re just doing a personal blog, but in actuality you don’t own the blog and can be shut down at anytime. There are a lot of terms and conditions that keep you from making money from your passion.

I’ve seen a Passion Seeker lose his site and they didn’t even give him a good reason. So he just quit. Don’t let that happen to you, especially since hosting is so cheap to get.

Remember to Live Your Passion

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