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3 Effective Tips to Redeem Frequent Flyers Points

Did you know you can earn frequent flyer points by regularly flying with an airline?

Many people don’t fully understand the flyer points, which is why they end up wasting their earned points. Frequent flyer points or miles are offered by many top airlines around the globe to reward their loyal customers. The more you fly with them, the more points you will earn.

Aside from earning the flyer points, you also need to understand how to make the most of these valuable points. Instead of wasting them on free air tickets, here are some other amazing ways you can spend them!

1.     Upgrade Your Ticket

You can get free air tickets with your flyer points, but it won’t give you a good value. Instead, upgrade your ticket to enjoy a comfortable flying experience. You can purchase a ticket for Economy class and later upgrade it to a First class or a Business class ticket.

Major airlines partner with many domestic airlines. You can go for any of these domestic flights to get a Business class ticket at an extremely low price. Visit PointsBank to easily buy or upgrade an airline ticket.

Choose the most popular routes for this purpose. However, many other travellers with an even higher status may also be looking forward to upgrade their ticket. Unless you redeem your points early, it’ll be quite difficult for you to beat the competition.

2.     Go Shopping

You don’t necessarily need to spend your frequent flyer points on air tickets. You can also enjoy free shopping with these miles or points.

However, you can’t use these points in every shopping mall. First of all, go through the list of partner stores listed on the website of the airline. Whenever you visit any of these stores, you can redeem your points to buy the products that the loyalty program covers.

When you’re out on vacations, you may want to buy a few gifts for your family to surprise them. You can get big discounts on these items by redeeming the frequent flyer points. It’s best to redeem these points during holiday sales when special discounts are offered on many products.

3.     Share Your Points

Many airlines allow their customers to share their frequent flyer miles with other customers. So, you can gift these points to your friends or family members. You can give them a memorable present with flyer miles.

For instance, if any of your friends has recently got married, you can gift them with honeymoon tickets. Or you can surprise your grandparents by sending them airplane tickets so they can meet their family.

If you intend to take a tour during your vacations, get free tickets with frequent flyer miles for your close friend. This will make the trip memorable for you as well as your friend.

To be precise, there are many ways to redeem your frequent flyer points and choosing the best option can be a daunting task. However, the aforementioned tips can help you develop a strategy to use your earned points in the most efficient way.

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