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Do Not Be Scared About Debt, Do This Instead

Hello my fellow Financial Freedom Guerrillas.

I know being in debt can seem overwhelming but you can win if you don’t curl up and die. The last thing you want to do is freeze up, because then the debt will have won. You are stronger than that and I know you can overcome it, a commercial debt collection agency could be the way to go for businesses chasing debtors.

There are a lot of things in life to be scared of, but debt isn’t one of them. The boogie man, Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, those are things to be scared of. Debt is just an over indulgence of life.

Instead of being scared become resourceful. Think to yourself “what can I do to get out of this situation?”, “What can I do to kill this debt?”

Do you need to get rid of some things? Do you need to cut back on your monthly expenses? Do you need to make more money?

Think about it this way, If you were stuck behind enemy lines and you only have the clothes on your back, would you just lay down and die? I would hope not. I would hope that you would find a way to make it home alive.

Do that with debt!

Use all the resources available to you. Do you have somebody you can stay with? Do you have somebody that can help you come up with a plan? Do you have somebody that can help you learn to fish, instead of giving you the fish?

We are lucky to be at a day in age where we have a huge resource available to us for free. The Internet! Use it to help you find answers to what you’re scared about. Write down all the reasons why you are scared and Google them.

I promise you are not the only one who is scared. Look around and you’ll find other people that have become resourceful and didn’t let being scared stop them from overcoming debt.

Just don’t let that paralyze you, don’t give it power over you, don’t let it eat you alive. Become Rambo and do what it takes to defeat your debt.

Your dreams are waiting for you, so start heading towards them. I’m knocking down all of the barriers in between. Don’t let debt conquer you and kill your dreams, conquer it and make your dreams a reality.

Are you ready to defeat your debt?

How are you/have you become resourceful?

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  • Do Not Be Scared About Debt, Do This Instead…

    I know being in debt can seem overwhelming but you can win if you don’t curl up and die. You are stronger than that and I know you can overcome it….

  • Great post! Not sure about the font. It’s pretty hard to read. I pushed through it though ’cause I know your stuff is good. Cheers!

    • I appreciate it. I’m kinda experimenting with the font so it will probably change.

  • I don’t like the new font.

  • I made a list of things to do to get “fast cash” (all legal haha) so I’m doing that today. Going to be applying those to my debt. Then it’s time to grind and hustle until this debt is gone forever!

  • Change is always difficult and doing something new can be scary. The reward of getting out of debt has to be stronger or more attractive than the difficulties one must go through to get out of debt.

  • “Debt is just an over indulgence” I LOVE that quote. It is so true!

    I’m working on getting the money so I can start working on my debt. Right now, it’s just sitting there getting bigger. I don’t like that, who would? I’m going to look more into your blog to see how you started working for yourself. (this is my first post to read on your blog).

  • I love that you are talking about being proactive – going out and doing something positive.

    All over the web I read, be frugal, don’t spend – but I think that is just one half of the equation …………… the other is that you need to increase income.

    “I’ll be back” – in my best Terminator impression LOL

  • Interesting how you went war style on the theme of the blog.
    Debt is annoying and something some of us fear. The internet is a very powerful tool and can be used to solve a majority of problems we me be having. Those personal resources are always good too.

    Keep on working at it and pay down that debt.


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