Debt Management

Be Smart: How to Stay Out of Debt

There are more people in financial debt today than for a very long time. Given the fairly recent recession, this is perhaps understandable. However, as much as those in debt today cannot be held wholly accountable for their financial struggles, many of them might be in a far stronger position now, had they exercise a little more caution with their personal finances. Whether you are personally in debt now or if you are out of debt (and would like to stay that way!), the following tips should be very helpful. 


It is inconceivable just how many individuals or couples do not have a structured budget to work to. It is of course common sense that you cannot possibly presume to know how much money you can afford to spend if you do not know precisely how much you are earning each month or indeed how much you are spending. You’ll most likely be very surprised to see exactly how much you spend on food, transport and luxuries when the figures are all laid out in front of you. But having this information will allow you to be far more discerning and vigilant regarding the how much you budget for certain expenses. 

Don’t Live Outside Your Means 

Living on a tight budget is difficult. Because for all our attempts to be pragmatic in times of financial hardship, we are all human at the end of the day. And the stress of living to such tight means can lead people to splurge on nights out, in order to get some relief from their predicament. Unfortunately though, if you are to have any chance of getting out of debt and combating this vicious cycle, you simply have to be ruthless and accept the downtimes that will come as a result of your frugal living. This means not going to the pub or cinema if it cannot be covered by your budget. 

Last Resort 

All of the above form part of a slower, more long-term strategy for getting out of debt. And as a general plan of action they are vital. But sometimes of course we find ourselves in a situation where the debts we have cannot be paid off gradually, where we can’t budget for a year in order to get back on top, as the interest payments are so high that such a strategy is almost counterproductive. In such a situation, the only thing to do is to get out of that debt as quickly as possible. And as much as it may pain you to do so, taking out another loan with a lower interest rate will enable you to pay off your first debt and then return to your budgeting strategy in order to pay off the second. It sounds a bit crazy, but millions of people have used companies such as 1st Stop in order to do just this. 

You Can Do It

Some degree of debt is for many people unavoidable these days. But by utilising some of the advice here, you should have a better understanding of how to get back on top financially. 

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