Like Bargains? Us too!

We all want to save money.  For some of us, that means avoiding eating at restaurants.  For others, it means cutting back on designer soaps.  However we do it, the takeaway is the same: times be tight (what the kids are saying; try to keep up).  Because we are so obsessed with finding good deals, we’ve seen organizations like Groupon emerge with multi-billion-dollar valuations.  What does this mean?  Finding bargains is big business, especially if you’re good at it.  But it’s not just finding bargains.  Groupon has revolutionized the way that we view sales, and produced more than one happy consumer in the process.

And they’ve done it again!

Whereas you previously had to purchase a Groupon deal to realize the bargain, their new program requires no such commitment.  With Groupon Coupons, you get real cost savings, up front, without spending a cent.  What’s that you say? That can’t be possible? Most other coupon sites require a subscription?  Well, Groupon Coupons is not like most other sites.  Are we excited about it? Yeah, you could say that.

You’re probably thinking, “Hey, this sounds pretty good.” Then maybe, for just a second, “Wait—did I leave the oven on? Phew, yes, I did.  Where was I?  Oh yeah! But these coupons are probably for out of the way stores that I never shop at.”  Well, this may be true… if you don’t shop at stores like Macy’s or rent a car when you travel.  Groupon Coupons offers over 55,000 completely free, no string attached coupons for over 8,000 stores from Nordstrom to Fox Rent-a-Car; and these numbers are constantly growing.  Our guess: you’ll find something you like.  And hey, at zero cost, there’s no risk.  Maybe with the savings you can get those soaps you like.  Totally up to you; it’s your money!

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