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Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday 6/3/10

YakezieThank you to everyone that has helped me increase my Alexa ranking. I’m currently at 634,289. That is so great, just 2 weeks ago I was at 1,059,759. I’m closing in on my goal of 450,000 by July 4th. Please help me to reach that goal by getting the Alexa Toolbar for free and visiting my blog as much as you can. It’s so close I can taste it…mmmmm donuts. Anyways it’s Thursday so on to the Yakezie.

@LeanLifeCoach – Dave Ramsey Was Wrong!

I love this post because of the lesson learned. “We don’t believe we are capable of repairing an appliance, starting a business or completing a challenging task so we never try. Instead we pay someone else to do things we can do for ourselves.” This is so true. You are capable of more that you think. The best thing you can do is try, the worst thing you can do is not.

@MoneyBeagle – Another Twitter Success Story

This is a great story about how using new technology can get your problems with companies solved.

@FinancialSamura – Is Becoming A Millionaire The Rule Rather Than The Exception? 

I think there are a lot of people out there that that make enough money but don’t know how to use it so they don’t become millionaires. This post goes into why there are probably more millionaires than people think. It also cites a great post at The Amateur Financier so give that a read as well.

@Little House in the Valley – Tuesday Tips, Week 12

This is a great tip about using cloth instead of paper towels. I’m thinking about switching, how about you?

@ConsumerBoomer – 20 Ways To Save Money On Your Vacation

This post has some great ideas for saving on vacation like bringing a water bottle for the plan by filling it up after you pass security.

@MyFinObjectives – My Cashless Society

This post made me realize that I too live a cashless life. Do you?

@Bucksome – Art on a Budget

I like this post because I feel like I need to hang some art in my place and these are great ideas to get it on the cheap

Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday 5/27/10

”TheIf you didn’t see my previous post about me joining the Yakezie Challenge check it out here. Check out what the Yakezie are about here. I currently have a friendly battle with Cheapskate Sandy to see who can get the highest Alexa ranking by July 4th. You can see the accepting of this battle in the comments of this post. If you want to help me out, get the Alexa toolbar here and visit my site often. Alexa is sort of like the Nielson ratings but for the internet.  As of this writing, she’s up by about 20,000. Thanks for all of you that help me out and thanks for reading. Anyways, back on topic. The Yakezie are a great group of bloggers, so every Thursday I’m going to be featuring some of their great posts that catch my eye.

@PFbythebook – Things People Accomplished at Your Age

I think it’s pretty inspiring to see what others have accomplished by a certain age. This post gives great examples and even a link to see more peoples accomplishments at different ages.

@BFinance – MBA Course: Investing & Portfolio Management-Class 1

I like this article because she is actually summarizing what she is teaching her students. It’s pretty interesting. I’m going to be following the rest of the class for sure.

@Money_Reasons – We Have It Easy, Remembering Debtor’s Prison

I think because we have it easy we don’t worry about the consequences so much. If we had debtor’s prison today I’m sure this financial; crisis we’re in wouldn’t be near as bad.

@ Simple Life In FranceTechnology and entertainment making us unhappy?

This article really makes you think about how family life has changed with technology. I believe technology has contributed to family’s creating a lasting bond. But in all actuality, the parents should set up a time for them to create that bond every day. Eating at the dinner table is a great time for that.

@MoreStyleTCash – 25 More (Inexpensive) Ideas to Give Your Life Luxury

I think this is a great post with excellent Ideas. I’m definitely going to give some of them a try. My favorite is #5. I don’t have a backyard yet, but I’ll try it out on my patio.

@ The Amateur FinancierDeep Thoughts: The Poverty Line

This is a very insightful post on how the poverty line was created and how it is outdated. I agree, as with all older “rules”, that it needs to be updated to reflect the changes in society.