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Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday

YakezieI’m sad to say this is going to be the last Yakezie thursday here at However, I’m just combining it with Friday Night Likes so I can make room for a new type of post I’m going to be doing. So starting next Friday there’s going to be a Yakezie section in the Friday Night Likes. This will not mean I’m going to be having less links, it just means I’m adding one to the other so there will be twice as many links on Friday. It just seemed redundant (I’m pretty sure that’s the word I’m looking for) to have 2 link roundups.
Anyways, Alexa’s counter is broken so my ranking has been stuck at 174,727 for the past week so I’m hoping for a big gain when it gets fixed. Thank you for everyone for helping me up the rankings and I hope you keep enjoying my posts.
On to the Yakezie:

@BlackBudgets Putting Your House on the Market, a Series: Introduction

This looks like it’s going to be a great series for those of you trying to sell a house in this market. I’m going to take some notes so when it becomes time to sell, the house I don’t have yet, I’ll have some great pointers.

@CentsibleLife Pay your Savings Forward: SaveTogether

I’m all for helping the less fortunate and especially the ones that help themselves. This sounds like a great organization. Read about it and try it out.

@PFFirewall Would You Bet On Your Own Academic Success?

This is an interesting idea. On one hand it promotes gambling but on the other hand it’s motivation to succeed in school. But on the other hand it’s using money for motivation which I believe shouldn’t be used as motivation, but to each their own. I know money wouldn’t motivate me to pass classes because it didn’t so this wouldn’t really help me. Check it out and see if it’s a good idea.

@GrlRedBalloon A sad, totally non-PF realization

I like this post because it goes into what we all feel sometimes but never say. In reality we don’t have that many friends that are close to us. The best friends you’re ever going to have are from high school. The bad thing about that is after high school everyone grows up and moves away. Check this post out and let Red know what you think.

@PFbythebook Create Your “No” Policies Before You Need Them

This is a good idea. It will definitely clear up confusion and awkward situations. I’ll have to work on this one.


@arohan Carnival of Wealth – August 7, 2010 Edition
This is the inaugural edition of Carnival of Wealth so be sure to check it out

@Miss_Thrifty Carnival of Personal Finance #269: The Diva$ Edition

Miss Thrifty does a great spin on the Carnival of Personal Finance. I’m one of the editors picks so check me out there.

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Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday

YakezieI love the Yakezie. It’s such a great group of people who love to share. I’m very grateful for being a part of it.

I’m currently at 179,298 and moving close to my new goal of 100,000 which I know it isn’t going to be easy. However, I do believe that I have a great group of readers that can get me there. I just want to thank you all for reading and hopefully enjoying my blog. If you have any questions I’m always available if you send a message via my contact page so don’t be afraid to say hi.

I rolled out an eCourse yesterday called Jump Start Your Financial Freedom, you can find the sign up on the right side. I put a lot of work into it and it’s the surprise I was talking about a few weeks ago. Try it out, it’s free so what do you have to lose? It will challenge you to get your finances in order and get on the road to financial freedom. Go do it :)

Now on to the Yakezie:

@Bucksome My Name is… (The Decloaking of Bucksome Boomer)

I’d like to start this weeks Yakezie with a little reveal of a bloggers real identity.

@NotMadeOfMoney 7 Best Ways to Start Preparing Financially for Christmas Now

It’s never too early to start especially since that’s the time of year your budget can go AWOL

@Arohan Announcing the Carnival of Wealth

A new carnival is starting up and hopefully my posts will be picked to be included. Be sure to check it out when it starts up on Saturday.

@ConsumerBoomer 8 Things to Consider When Starting a Business

Starting a business can help you make some extra money or even make all of your money. Consider these things before you take that trek.

@FinancialSamura Millionaires Need Love Too Ya Know

This post has been pretty controversial with close to 30 comments. Head on over and chime in on if it’s ok if millionaires collect unemployment.


I want to show some love to these 2 hosts for the work they did for putting these carnivals together.

@UltMoneyBlog Carnival of Personal Finance!

@NotMadeOfMoney Yakezie Challenge Carnival Roundup

Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday

YakezieYay, I broke 200,000 which was the Yakezie challenge goal  (I’m writing this on wed and I’m at 201,000. so hopefully by the time you read this I’m below 200,000 otherwise you can ignore this yay).

Update: I’m at 196,287 so the yay is official :)

Thanks for reading everyone and I’m happy you’re enjoying my blog. If you want some more of me be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter and Like me on Facebook.

Here are the Yakezie of the week:

@ExtremeJacob Why the unemployed don’t work

I think his system would solve a lot of problems in today’s world. However the likelihood of this happening is about 0. We’ve become a world of reliant people. We always rely on other things. The problem is that there are more people relying than there are people being able to be relied upon.

@FinancialSamura Why Are The Employed So Smug About The Unemployed?

I’m going to agree and disagree on this one. I think that we should help those that are unemployed because if I was unemployed I would want that help as well. Treat others as you would like to be treated. But I will disagree with the title because that makes a generalization about the employed generalizing about the unemployed. Other than that I agree.

@NewCarCoach Should car salesmen be allowed to profit?

Feel bad for the salesman when you get the best deal on a car? Read this post to find out why you shouldn’t/

@EDayTipsThought Money Saving Tip #1: Just Say No To Restaurant Soft Drinks!

All I ever drink at restaurants is water. It’s free and it’s good for me so why would I get anything else?

@LenPenzo The Great Debate: Do Kids Really Need Their Own Cell Phone?

I was against giving kids cellphones until I read his logic. People should embrace technology and use it for what it was meant to do…make our lives easier.

@UltMoneyBlog Why Organics Suck

I am in agreement.  I would buy organic but it’s really expensive compared to the non organic and my health concerns aren’t that big to me at the moment to justify the price.


@Bucksome CSN Stores Gift Certificate Giveaway

I really want this clock. Head on over and let her know what you like and enter to win.

Carnivals and Roundups

@OutOfDebtAgain Yakezie Alexa Challenge Roundup

BeatingBroke Carnival of Personal Finance #267

Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday

YakezieI’m moving on up or down, however you look at it, in the Alexa rankings. I’m at 230,000 so I’m getting closer to my ultimate goal of 200,000.Thanks for visiting and reading. And thank you to all of you that downloaded the Alexa Toolbar. If you enjoy my site be sure to leave a review, I really appreciate it. 

Be sure to enter to win a pair of entertainment books. The drawing ends tomorrow night so hurry up and enter. 

Now on to the Yakezie: 

@ Frugal Confessions Restaurant Hacks: Your Money Saving Guide To Discount Dining 

Title says it all. This guide does help you save money. I promise, so check it out 

@DeliverAwayDebt How to Pay Off Debt Fast 

Jeff wrote this great post about getting out of debt. It’s a pretty long read but he does a great job of separating it for a quick read :) 

@FinEngr Interview: How To Be A Fierce Competitor (Part I) 

I really liked this interview with the author, very informative. I can’t wait for part 2 

@EveryDayFinance Charitable Contributions – Avoid being Ripped Off 

Don’t give to those you’ve never heard of because they may just put that money into their own pockets. Read this post to keep safe. 

@ExtremeJacob Early Retirement Extreme Forums 

Jacob announces his new forums which I think are a great edition to his website. I’m going to visit them often. Go register. 

@UltMoneyBlog Yakezie Carnival 

Mrs. Money did a great job with the Yakezie Carnival. Check it out and see some great posts from all of the Yakezie.

Yakezie Thursday

Yakezie Thursday 7/15/10

YakezieIt’s been an OK week as far as my rankings. I haven’t really gone negative in my rankings  so that’s good. If you enjoy my blog be sure to tell your friends about it and be sure to check out my:

Check out the Yakezie:

@FinancialSamura An Inside Look At The Yakezie: Stage One Recap!

The official deadline is over and the Yakezie challenge will move onto a new level. Sam summarizes the history of the Yakezie challenge and what there’s to look forward to in the future. Of course moving up in the Alexa rankings will always be our goal so please continue to tell your friends about my blog:)

@EDayTipsThought Comparing Spending Habits of Different Generations

Kris does a great job of bringing  up how we got to our bad habits from the good habits of frugality that our ancestors had.

@ Frugal Confessions Money Saving Tips: 8 Cheap Tools You Want To Own

All of these items should be in a toolkit in everyones home.

@LenPenzo A Clever Consumer Trick for Ensuring Smart Spending Decisions (No, Not ‘Eeenie Meenie Chili Beanie’)

I will say this method makes a lot of sense to use and I am a fan of it but I’m still evaluating if it’s right for me. Check it out to see if it’s right for you.

@JonDeGroff Meet the Average Person

It’s like an addiction, once you accept it you can heal yourself. Don’t be average.


@RainyDaySaver No Vacation With the ‘Rents This Year — and a Giveaway

@Bucksome It’s My Party and You Can Win the Presents

@CanadianFinance Canadian Finance Blog Survey And Giveaway!

@RoshawnWatson My Bday Giveaway, Yakezie Round up, and Uncommon Money News (Vol. 102)

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