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A Tale Of 2 Wedding Registries

So my wedding my fiancés wedding is coming up in a couple of months and we recently went on an adventure of registering for gifts for people to lavish upon us. As I’m not one for receiving, it’s not really something I was looking forward to. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Since we went to 2 different places we had 2 completely different experiences.

Bed Bath & Beyond

I’m just going to say that I hate when I get a great experience at the first place I go to because it just means the last place will leave a bad taste in my mouth. Bed Bath & Beyond was by far the best place we went to. They have a whole setup just for registering with someone to help you the whole way.

At first I didn’t think I was going to like it because I like to go at my own pace but it actually helped get it done at a nice pace and they were really helpful. We honestly didn’t know everything that we should be getting so having that person to be able to tell us that most other people chose this vs this. That really helped us decide and I really enjoyed it.

We picked a lot of items and just had a really good time. They also told us that they have regular get togethers of people that register there where they give out door prizes and everyone gets 20% without needing the 20% off coupon they send in the mail to everyone every week without solicitation :)

But I really didn’t know how good we did until we went to the next place to register.


Honestly, I didn’t really want to register at more than 1 place because I feel like it gives people too many choices. But Beth really wanted to go so of course I had to go. She said she wanted to give a cheaper option to people and my endless attempts to say we did pick cheap items at BB&B went unanswered.

But, target has the setup that I wanted in the first place, you get to do it all by yourself without their help. You just go up to a computer and put in your information. One of the questions they asked is if you want people to buy us gift cards. At first we said yes but decided to go against it an later changed it back to no. People always have the choice of buying gift cards so I didn’t really want to push them into that direction.

So we got our guns and went off around the store…it was not as good as I thought it was going to be. Target is huge and there’s really no direction to go in. So we basically just walked aimlessly around the store picking some things that we liked.

At the end we picked a lot less items than at Bed Bath & Beyond because we just didn’t have any direction. So take that hint Target.

So was it really a bad experience? No, I would just say it was a different one. We don’t really know what we need, So getting direction at BB&B really helped us out and created a great experience for us.

Target would be for people that know what they want/need and don’t need any direction.

But I’m going to have to give props to BB&B for the great service and recommend them to future husbands and wives out there.

What experience have you had registering?