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Quick Tip Thursday: Buy Books Cheap

In todays quick tip I’m going to tell you how I buy books cheap. I love to buy books so it can get pretty expensive. I’ve come to learn a way to get them pretty cheap with the only sacrifice being new. That’s right I buy used books. But in this video I’ll show you a trick I use to buy used books really cheap.

I just wanted to give you a quick tip today about buying books online on the cheap.  First, go to  Don’t buy from them, they tend to have very high shipping rates, around $3.  So you will find the books that you want from  After you have found the book you want, go to the other sellers and under the different sellers you will see other big companies.  Choose one of the big companies, like Better World Books.  Go to their actual site, find the book and buy from them.  The main reason for doing this is that these companies often have better shipping rates.  For example at Better World Books the shipping is free.  It takes about 11 days but is still free.  Expedited shipping is affordable as well, like 99 cents.  You can’t beat that.  Today’s quick tip: go to, find the companies that are selling the books and order directly from them.  This will help you save some money while buying books online.


Quick Tip Thursday: Save Extra Income

There’s a lot of things that can come up during the span of a month that costs money. Don’t wait to save your extra income. Watch the video below to see why.

Sometimes we get some extra income.  This is a great opportunity to build up your savings.  However, I just want to offer you a warning when it comes to extra checks coming in.  My girlfriend started receiving expense checks every couple of weeks.  We would put these checks straight into our checking account with the plan to transfer the money into savings when the month ended and the money was left over.  My tip for you… Don’t do that.  We would always seem to find something to spend it on.  Every month something would come up or we would see something that we wanted and buy it knowing we had the extra money in the account.  My advice- put the extra money straight into savings.  Don’t wait until the end of the month because the money will be spent long before then.
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Quick Tip: Don’t Always Get The Cheapest Gas

Just wanted to give you a quick tip today about running around for gas.  Some people will literally not go to a gas station because it is 5 cents more a gallon than somewhere else 5 miles away.  This is really not a good way to save money on gas.  The average tank holds between 15-18 gallons.  This means that you will save less than a dollar total.  It’s not really worth the hassle.  If you pass a cheaper gas station on your way home, go for it.  But, if you are going out of your way to save 5 cents a gallon or less than a dollar total for the fill up, it really isn’t worth it.  You will save a lot more money just by sucking it up and paying that extra 5 cents.  That is my quick tip for the day.  Don’t run around to find cheaper gas since it really won’t save you any money.

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Quick Tip Thursday: How To Get Cheap Magazines

I just want to give you a quick tip today about buying cheap magazine subscriptions.  I love magazines since they are filled with a lot of great and up to date information.  Here are a couple of places that I go to order my magazines.  One of them is  They usually have a daily special on a magazine subscription which can result in some really deep discounts.  Another site I visit is  I love this site.  It is where I get the majority of my magazine subscriptions because they have $5 subscriptions which is great.  Finally, I like to go to  This site is mostly trade publications but if you search  through the site you will definitely find things that you are interested in.  I am interested in the Internet and building websites so I tend to go for those.  These magazines can be filled with a lot of great information.

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