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Mobile Coupons Save You the Hassle at the Register (And a Lot of Money)

Your smartphone could be one of the most powerful weapons in your money-saving arsenal. Mobile coupons help shoppers save instantly — while they’re in the store — without the paper-wasting hassle of printing or clipping. Say goodbye to extreme couponing: There are a whole host of mobile apps designed to deliver relevant, free coupons directly to your smartphone.


Allows you to scan an item while you’re in the grocery store and automatically redeem pushpin coupons.[1] Your savings are instantly applied to your store savings card and are redeemed when you swipe your card at the register. You’ll also be able to check an item’s nutritional information, and share your saving savvy over social media. If you allow push notifications, they’ll let you know when your coupons are expiring, so you don’t miss out on a killer deal. Pushpins works in over 2,000 grocery stores and is adding new locations across the country every day.[1] Check Pushpin for your local grocery store and write to them if you don’t see it. They’re working to incorporate local and chain stores close to their customers.

Coupon Sherpa

This app provides you with coupons directly through your smartphone. You’ll be able to access hundreds of in-store coupons and search either by product category or store name.[2] If you’re having trouble finding a store location, Coupon Sherpa can help you find the store nearest to you. With this app, not only will you receive exclusive coupons, you’ll also be able to skip scouring the internet for discounts. The Coupon Sherpa staff will hunt down those deals for you and add new coupons daily.[2] You can share your coupons with friends via email and invite them to participate in the savings too.


Combine green shopping and bargain hunting with WOWPONS’ mobile coupon app. They accumulate grocery coupons for everyday brands and provide them to their app users daily.[3] A big part of saving is staying organized, and WOWPONS’ grocery list feature allows you to do just that. You can create, share, and save multiple shopping lists and access them from your phone as soon as you step into the grocery store. Additionally, WOWPONS will remind you when your coupons are close to expiring and alert you to new discounted products that you might appreciate.[3]


This app has taken going local to heart: they provide app users with free coupons and deals from nearby businesses. When you’ve entered your geographic location, Yowza!! will hunt for offers as close as a mile away, and as far as 50 miles away. Customer satisfaction is one of their top priorities, so they won’t spam your phone. You can access deals on your own time instead of being bombarded with messages.[4]To cashin your coupon, all you have to do is let the cashier scan the product’s barcode on your smartphone. Since the deals come straight from merchants, there’s a much lower chance of your coupon being rejected; Yowza!! is working to add new merchants across the country every day.[4]


With Cellfire, you can find deals on the Cellfire website and save them to your smartphone to use at your convenience. Just show the coupon to the cashier to receive your discount. When you hut for grocery coupons, your selected savings will be saved directly to your store savings card, so that they are automatically deducted when you swipe your card.[5] Cellfire emphasizes relevance, so they take care to send you offers that you’ll actually be interested in and remind you if any of your saved coupons are due to expire soon.

Download any one of these apps to join the mobile coupon revolution. They could save you a ton at stores that you visit every day. Get access to coupons for groceries, clothes, electronics, and more, that are all easy to use and conveniently located on your smartphone.

Rachel writes articles for Allied Cash about, responsible borrowing, investment, and budgeting.


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Money Management

Should Politicians Tell You How To Spend Your Money?


David Cameron got a little heat recently for “instructing voters to pay off their credit card bills” in a recent speech he was going to give. Because of that heat they changed the line. It was read out of context and I don’t think it was really a financial lecture, but none the less, it brings up the question of whether or not politicians that are dealing with our nations debt problems should be telling you how to handle your finances.

My take is that it doesn’t really matter. It’s just words and you can take the advice or not. It’s really up to you. Some of the best advice is given by people that don’t follow it.

Just because the advice is coming from a bad source doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad advice.

Another point brought up is that some people worried that what he was telling people would cause them to stop spending thus slowing down the economy. I say good. What got us in to this mess in the first place was spending too much money. We cry that the government has a lot of debt and needs to cut back yet we shouldn’t do that ourselves?

Of course we should.

Will that cause us to lose more jobs?


But it’s not that jobs are just going away, it’s that they’re moving into different sectors and even newly created sectors.

For instance, after the housing boom tons of jobs were lost in the real estate and housing sector, but do you know what grew? Businesses that make money from bankruptcy. They grew at incredible rates, and what were they doing? Hiring people!

Debt consolidation companies and all of the other financial education companies grew too.

If a job goes away, there’s another job popping up somewhere to fill that void.

So what can be done about jobs?

Reeducate people so that they can find jobs in a new field.

All jobs aren’t going to be around forever. If I’m not mistaken, there aren’t any more Pony Express Riders. Do you think they rolled over and died? No they used their skills for something else, or learned how to drive.

So, if you don’t have a job and it’s not looking bright, Google something and learn all about it. Maybe start your own business.

What do you think?

Money Management

The Importance of Payday Loans

Many people often show an aversion towards loans that are not properly warranted. For these people, any form of debt is often bad debt. The truth however can be wildly different; loans or debt are bad when you don’t use them properly and you are not able to pay off the loaned amount in time. However, if you can take care of these concerns, you can actually be confident that the loan is good especially if it betters your situation in the way you envisioned the loan would help you.

Enter payday loans! The importance of payday loans lies in the fact that it is one of the most readily accessible types of loans out there. True, the short-term nature of payday loans lends itself highly to risks like higher interest rates but this does not negate how this loan type can be tremendously helpful for many people.

In times of emergency, payday loans can provide the quickest access to money needed to help you survive a rough period. If you’re expecting an income that is delayed, payday loans can help cover your expenses for a few days until the money arrives. If there’s a school project for the kids that needs immediate funding, payday loans can be the most important lifeline that you have to make sure the kids get what they need. There are so many scenarios that lend value to the importance of payday loans, none more so than the fact that you can use it for medical emergencies and the likes.

All this can be traced to the fact that payday loans require little documentation to support and are generally payable within two weeks or so after the loan is secured. In essence, you don’t have to think about it for extended periods thereafter. It’s really a short-term infusion of cash meant to help you move along until you are in a much better financial situation. When used properly, as already discussed, it’s more than just a life saver. It’s something that can help better your life on days when you feel you are really at a low point financially.

Think of finding payday loan lenders and getting payday loans the next time you are hard on cash. It might just be the option you need to continue taking care of the importance things while the payday is still some days away.

Money Management

Essential Steps To Take If You Fall Behind With Your Utility Bills



There is no shame in falling behind with your bills. It will happen to most people at some time in their lives. Maybe you have lost your job or suffered an injury that prevents you working. Perhaps you are going through a divorce or have contracted an illness. There are many misfortunes waiting to befall us when the hand of fate points its finger.

You will find that your creditors will have little sympathy for your plight, and it will not be long before the wolves are at the door. It is a time when you need to prepare your mind and change your attitude. You must work out a battle plan because you have a fight on your hands. Leave them no room to manoeuvre; that means you just do everything correctly and reasonably. Here are some essential steps to take if you fall behind with your utility bills.

Contact The Suppliers

When you first suspect that you will not be able to pay, contact the suppliers. They have heard it all before, and you are not alone. They have a duty to help you out. They might mean giving you some breathing space for a couple of months, or missing a monthly payment and adding it onto the others throughout the year. Some people think that the supplier will cut them off immediately; that is not the case.

Try To pay

If you think your financial problems are only temporary, take out a short term loan so that you can meet the payments. Beware; payday loans have a bad reputation for good reason. They do an excellent job of preying on the vulnerable. Make sure you check out the annual percentage repayment rate.

The best way to catch up with your debt is to ask family members for a loan. At least they won’t charge extortionate interest.

Cut Back

Reduce the amount of energy you consume to keep your debt to a minimum. That might mean putting on an extra sweater in the evening, changing your light bulbs for a low energy alternative, and going to bed early. Do you have a satellite or cable television service? It is time to prioritise and cut back on the luxuries.I decided to try out the best iptv service uk and we really like being able to stream all our shows. If the power is cut off, you won’t be able to watch the TV, so get rid of the service and put the money to a better use. Try to remember it is only temporary.

Prepayment Meter

Ask your supplier to install a prepayment meter so that you can pay for the energy you use and extra for the debt. Only take this step as a last resort because you pay more for the gas and electricity with those meters. You may find that once you are in this situation, the company will be reluctant to put your home back onto a credit meter. Looking upon it as a temporary solution might be a mistake.

Change Supplier

When you are out of debt, switch to a cheaper supplier. The guys at Ohio Choice Energy say that somebody who has never switched could save a fortune on their bills. It might help you avoid getting into trouble again at a later date.

Try not to panic when you experience financial strife. Show the creditors your income and outgoings to demonstrate what you can pay if the debt goes to a collection agency. Take further advice from a financial expert who will guide you through the process. Things will improve eventually; there is always light at the end of the tunnel.


Money Management

The Best Budget to Keep You From Living Paycheck to Paycheck

I have tried many budgets to try to get me to stick to one without much luck. I always made excuses to where the money for a purchase would come from, like I worked some overtime this week so I can afford this. Wrong!! Yea I could buy it but I could make better use of my money.

I then discovered the Zero Based Budget, and my life changed forever. Not really, but it did change my opinion on budgeting. A Zero Based Budget is basically assigning all of your income to a category to make the remaining amount equal zero. What I do is just make a base income, which would be the minimum I would take home a month not including overtime because that’s never guaranteed. So here’s my sample budget:

Zero Based Budget

Each category I based to projected portion on past months and made it the highest possible number it could be without being overtly wrong. As the month goes by on a separate sheet you just jot down the expenses that go into variable categories like entertainment or eating out. Always remember to plan for special occasions for instance, if you’re going to a birthday dinner or something, be sure to adjust your budget accordingly.

At the end of the month all you do is add everything up and then all of the extra money can go towards your financial goals/savings. I think this helps because you can actually see where your money is going vs. where you think its going. Also, because you get to see the savings you made at the end of the month by watching your money.

Do you have any budgeting tips that work for you?