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Don’t Let Yourself Drown in a Sea of Financial Stress

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Turn on the news, read the newspaper or talk to a friend.  There is no avoiding talk of financial trouble these days.  It can get kind of overwhelming.  Many are wondering how they are going to pay their bills.  Times can be especially stressful for those trying to find work.  How can we manage financial stress in these uncertain times?

Control What You Can

Financial Stress can be especially difficult as it can seem that nothing is in your control.  Sure you can’t make your employer give you more hours or fix the economic troubles that surround us.  However, you can control some things.  You control over how you use your money.  You can pay your bills on time to reduce late fees.  You can choose not to use credit cards for everyday purchases.  Choosing to control your finances puts you in a position of control.  This will lead to reduced stress.

Organize Your Life

Think for a minute about your bills.  Where do you keep them?  Many people simply have stacks of unorganized bills and financial papers.  This can also increase your stress levels.  It can be difficult to know how much money you have, what you owe and what you have spent.  Take a few hours and organize your finances.  Knowing where everything is will do wonders with helping you control your stress.

Don’t React

Stress can cause many different reactions in people.  Some shut down when they feel overwhelmed.  This can lead to missed work and lower wages.  Others choose to shop their stress away.  This leads to high credit card bills and financial trouble.  When you notice that financial stress is leading you to destructive behavior stop it.  Make yourself choose to pull through the stress rather than letting it destroy you.

Enjoy Simple Pleasures

Times are tough.  From the look of things, this isn’t going to change any time soon.  Find ways to enjoy simple and inexpensive pleasures.  This can be very relaxing.  Throw a movie night.  Go for a walk.  Play with the dog.  Watch a sunset.  Make a great dinner.  The options are endless.  Take time out of your day to de-stress and do the things that you love.  Learning to enjoy life in spite of financial difficulties will help you to weather these difficult times.

How do you make sure to not get stressed out about money?

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Mind Over Money

The One Asset You’ll Always Have

In Search Of Lost Time

The first thing we own as a person when coming into this world is, you guessed it, is time. There have been many situations in which both I and you have used the phrase “I spend my time doing x” and neither of us has realized how the way we think and speak affects our life. The first action is born at the level of the mind known as the subconscious and it becomes motion in a couple of Nano seconds leading to action.

Invest it

Instead of “spending time” we should choose to “invest time”. We should invest time in activities which make us feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. If we focus on being healthy we will be able to enjoy life more and also work more which in turn will mean more money into our pockets.

If we invest time in reading about personal finance then our mind will grow and we will know how to pay ourselves first and protect the money we work so hard to earn by learning to work smarter not harder. If we have a balanced personality we will be in a good mood and have a nice positive vibe which will attract more wonderful opportunities and people into our lives that will mentor us on how to become wealthy.

To be wealthy means to be successful on all the levels of your life: family, career, personal level of development, social relationships and financial status.

The way you invest your time as a person will determine whether you will be poor, belong to the middle class or be a part of the exceptional people known as rich.

Use it wisely

Most of us after a whole month of work are tempted to go spend the money that is left over after taxes and bills are taken care of on various treat or activities. We love to spoil ourselves and we all know it. Instead of eating this big piece of candy at the end of the month take that small sum of money and put it away in a savings account. Delay gratification! If this piece of candy makes you feel so good about yourself now, imagine how good it will make you feel when you have six times as much and decide it is time to increase your income by investing the money into something that will raise your standard of living.

Take a course about something you always wanted to learn and get certified! Switch your line of work to what you have always wanted to do and begin making more money. Now that you are certified you will begin to receive more offers and you will notice an increase in monthly cash flow.

You are one of the best

The truth is the majority of people we call rich are people like you and me. The portrait of the billionaire no longer resembles to a corporate suit that works 18 hours per day and drives to work in the most expensive foreign car just because he loves to attract attention.

The modern day billionaire is a person that had a normal life growing up, some even mediocre. They had no special talents or didn’t benefit from the whole education package and decided it is time to make their own way in life, so they learned about personal finance.

Personal finance is not about spending money, but about how to keep as much of the money you make as you can. The first investment you should ever make is in yourself.

Take the time and the money that you’ve made today and invest it in yourself so by the end of year you will have made even more money! In case you have noticed that I have said the end of the year instead of tomorrow that is because the process takes time. Stay true to the principle and put in the work and you will be on your way to wealth!

How do you use your time wisely?

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