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Binary Options: Money saved through lesser liquidity requirements

Except for a job, doing any business or investment venture requires that you maintain working capital. In a job you don’t have to set up a supply chain, pressure debtors to pay full and quick, or think of delaying tactics when paying creditors. However, when you are doing any business, you need to maintain cash or bank to continuously fund running core operations until a profit is attained. Insufficient funds just halt to a grinding stop any business.

In the same manner as any business, trading derivatives also requires maintenance of “working capital”. This is particularly the case in trading regular options. Whenever a trade starts to go bad, you have to make good the margin calls to avoid closure of your position in a loss. Even so, you never know for how long or deep the loss position will go on. And until you find an amicable position, you need to keep funds at the ready. In regular options trading, you decide at the inception of any trading account the leverage you wish to use. The higher leverage you use, the greater will be your funding requirements in case of an ongoing loss.

Trading binary options would also require one to keep his funds at the ready. However, the requirement is never as intensive as it is in regular options trading. You do not have to worry about margin funding once you run a loss; when you run a loss, it’s a loss. You do not have to maintain liquidity for margin funding. In this aspect, binary options save you money inherently. For example, unlike regular options trading, if trades get deeply out of the money, traders borrow from the broker or banks at very high interest rates to remain liquid.

So what exactly do you need the working capital fund in binary trading? The answer is, to make more trades. You have to remain liquid enough to make trades whenever you see the “technicals” on your interface blinking an opportunity. If a 10 minute binary option leads you to a loss, it does not matter. If the loss is a one way slide, make another trade with the funds available and may be use a shorter trade time frame. This way you can always recover your losses quickly and save your money.

Consider a situation in regular options trading. You make a loss by big margin, that leads to a margin call. You have no other way but to close you position with a higher amount of loss then your original investment. You have to start over again to recover all those losses, “capital plus what you lost in margin call”. Now if this was a binary options trade, your position would have expired in a short period leaving you a loss of your invested capital. However, you minimize your loss and save money quicker, by making another trade considering the market slide; there is no requirement to recover “capital plus loss in margin call”.

Therefore, it is comfortably proved that operating a binary options trading portfolio, practically requires minimum liquidity maintenance, and hence save you quite a lot of money.


Investing in Gold by Collecting Gold Coins

Have you ever considered buying coins as a hobby or for investment purposes? If you haven’t, then you should start doing that now. Today, our bank and stock trading accounts are present online. Moreover, most of our purchases happen electronically. Nowadays, we hardly get to see our money as a tangible object. For this reason, buying and investing in physical or solid gold such as gold bars and coins gives you an extreme sense of satisfaction. So, how can you buy the aforementioned-gold and use it for investment purposes? Let’s find out.

Why Invest in Physical Gold?

One of the few investments that you can physically store, gold is able to preserve or increase its value over time. So, you can investment in gold by simply buying it. For investment purpose, you can buy physical gold such as gold bars or coins. Buying and investing in physical gold such as gold coins is a sensible thing to do due to the following reasons:

  • When other investments decline, gold tends to go up
  • Gold provides a defensive wall against inflation
  • Until you sell the it, you don’t have to pay tax on the gold you hold
  • If you want, you can keep your gold assets/investments a secret
  • You can use the physical gold owned by you buy and sell in case there’s massive currency devaluation or other similar adverse financial situations

The astounding increase in gold and silver prices has led many people to buy platinum, gold and silver coins. You can buy these investment instruments at a fair market prices form a reputed coin dealer. However, you should thoroughly research the dealers before buying from them as there are many fraudsters looking to sell you the coin for much more than it’s actually- worth.

Before you buy the coin from any dealer, find out as much about the dealer as you possibly can. To ensure you aren’t paying ‘more’ for the coin, find out how the price of the coin offered by dealer compares to the price to the coin offered elsewhere.

How to Make an Informed Decision

When buying physical gold, it is important to ensure that you’re purchasing the gold at a fair market price. By doing this, you’ll brighten your chances of making a profit on the gold in the future. Now, to make an informed purchase, you need to consider three crucial factors. The first is the actual cost per ounce of the coin, the second is the timely delivery of the metal and the third is the collector’s value of the coin versus the bullion value. By considering the aforementioned-factors, you’ll be able to make an informed purchased which in turn will help you make a profit on your gold investment in the future.

Collecting coins made from gold is a good way to invest in gold. Using the aforementioned-information, you can buy the coins in a way that allows you make a profit from your gold investment in the future.


How to Invest While Still in Debt

When you’re stuck in debt, the thought of saving money and investing some of it feels more like a pipe dream than a reality. But it’s important to have some money saved to cover unexpected expenses and life changes, even when you’re in debt. Plus, you’ll want to plan for the distant future, when you don’t have any more debt and you’re facing retirement. Though it takes serious planning and a hard look at your finances, you can learn to invest and save while still paying down debt.

Craft a Budget

When you’re in debt you need a good idea of your budget. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, barely making those student loan or credit card payments, it’s time to take a second look at your budget. Your living expenses, like rent and utilities, are typically pretty similar from one month to the next. So are your debt payments, unless you look into a consolidation plan.

Check out your food and recreation budget for places to save. Do you really need cable, or can you switch to a cheaper service? For instance, Hulu won’t cost as much each month, but it’ll still give you access to your favorite shows. You may realize that you’re not budgeting as well as you thought you were, and you can free up a little cash each month to save. Even $10 makes a difference.

Earn Extra Cash

When your budget is already as trim as possible, it’s time to look at ways to earn extra cash. Many apps and online opportunities exist for turning your free time, your shopping, and even your junk mail into cash opportunities.

If you’ve got some room in your schedule, mystery shopping is a good, fun way to make some extra dollars. If not, try an app like iBotta, which will offer you rebates from many major grocery retailers on things you were already going to buy. Once you redeem a certain number of rebates, you can cash them out. Also check out InboxDollars, which pays you to take surveys and read e-mails, or Bing Rewards, where you can earn money just for using the search engine Bing.

Once you’ve earned some extra cash, you’re free to find investment opportunities that suit your risk tolerance and the amount of money you have available. Even savings accounts offer a bit of interest.

Use Your Employer’s 401(k) Option

An easy way to invest is to sign up for your employer’s 401(k) plan. Many employers will match the first few percent of your paycheck, which doubles the amount of money you’re investing each pay cycle. Check with your budget, and find room to part with between 3 and 5 percent of your paycheck each month. That’s typically the threshold for employer match programs.

When you’re not sure how to invest, 401(k)s are a good option. The financial planners who design 401(k) investments take into account when you’ll retire and invest your money accordingly. If you’re young, the investment is a bit more aggressive. If you’re older, the investment is safer. Plus, you don’t have to do anything to manage the investment.

Download Investment Apps

Image via Flickr by free pictures of money

Some apps make it easy for you to invest. For instance, Acorns links to your debit account and grabs your spare change every time you make a purchase, then invests that change into a portfolio. All you have to do to invest using your Galaxy S7 Edge from T-Mobile is download the app and keep an eye on those investments. With a fast 4G LTE network, keeping track of your Acorns account in real-time is a breeze. It’s only $1 a month while you have less than $5,000 in your account, which is far cheaper than any financial advisor.

Every time you have extra cash, it’s tempting to pay down your debts as fast as possible. Remember, though, that in order to plan for your future, you need to have some money saved and invested. It is possible to both pay down your debt and invest small amounts of money as long as you budget.


Acquisition and Sources of Real Estate Investing

Property investment is the involvement of management, purchase, rental, sale, or ownership of a property that can be used as profit. Property development is the improvement of a specific realty property as part of the strategy in the investment of real estate. This is generally considered as a real estate sub-specialty. Relative to the other investment kinds, real estate is a form of asset that has fixed liquidity.

Real estate also is also regarded to be capital intensive and is highly dependent on cash flow. These factors must be well managed and understood otherwise the investor gives himself risks. One of the primary causes for investment to fail in working with real estate happens because your investor who was reached through the real estate investing Facebook ads or any other channel, experiences a zero cashflow for a long time wherein the amount can’t be sustained, this will result to a forced reselling of the property gone into insolvency.

Acquisition and sources

Acquiring and searching for sources of real estate isn’t hard even though real estate markets in several countries aren’t that efficient or organized when compared with other having instruments of liquid investment. Individual properties are not interchangeable and are unique by themselves. This presents one big challenge to investors who wish to evaluate investments and price opportunities. This is one reason why when looking for properties wherein one can invest in, it involves competition and substantial effort among the investors to be able to purchase properties.
This will be variable with regards to the availability of knowledge. This gives a lot of opportunities for the investors to acquire properties at cheaper prices but poses an increased risk in terms of transaction. Investors of real estate usually use a number of appraisal methods to be able to figure out the value of the property before the purchase.
Sources of properties for investment include:
• Investment Property Companies
• Agents of real estate
• Market listings
• Private sales
• Public auction
• Wholesalers
As soon as a property fit for investment is found, the investor will negotiate a sale price and terms with the one selling the property, then after the business talk, the contract for sale will be executed. According to guidelines on, it is suggested that, in order to be assisted in the process of acquisition, the investors can sometimes employ attorneys or agents having the knowledge about real estate. This is due to the deal that acquire a real estate posses a lot of complexes which might lead to a very expensive deal if executed improperly.  Firms specializing in leasing, property management and investment consulting, such as may be great help, too.

During property acquisition, the investor makes an offer to buy the reserve of the investor’s right to complete their transaction upon satisfactorily negotiating with the latter. This reservation money can be refunded or not and is a sign for the investor’s willingness and seriousness to purchase the property.

The terms for the offer in investing in property include several contingencies that allow the investor sufficient time to complete diligence and acquire financing before the final purchase. Throughout the contingency period, the one investing usually reserve the right to abolish the offer with no attached penalties and accomplish refund on money deposits. Once the contingencies expired, rescinding usually requires the forfeit of cash deposits and may sometimes leave penalties as well.

That is why, to prevent such penalties, the investor must have a great deal of understanding and knowledge on the venture that he has to overcome. Legal advises from people having investing backgrounds will greatly help to lessen the risk.

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Binary brokers – Why you should know about them

Binary option trading has become one of the most sought after forms of trade in the financial markets. With a wide array of assets to trade with and a number of options as far as expiration time and date is concerned, you can expect to earn handsome profits from it. Many traders invest a lot of money in this trade form and it won’t be wrong to say that they have earned even a fortune from binary option trading.

Since  you are investing your hard earned cash, it is important you know how the trade works and what you can do to maximize your returns from the trade or rather improve your ROI or Return on Investment. So, you can refer to the online educational resources that promise to educate you by the time you are ready to take the plunge and trade in real time. The fact that many trading platforms are offering demo accounts has also made it easier for traders to get good returns from the trade. Amidst the hullabaloo, there is one aspect that we certainly cannot ignore and that is the role of the binary option brokers.

Binary brokers in the financial market

You will come across several brokers in the binary market. While some have been in the market since years, others have just started off and trying to carve out a niche for themselves. Whatever be the case, it is certain that you cannot do without one. As such, you ought to stay abreast with the latest developments that are taking place in the world of binary brokers like, which new broker has started operating in the market, the services and products that the existing brokers offer, the fees they charge for using their trading platform, and the bonuses and payouts that they shell out for traders. And the only way you can do so is by visiting different websites that will offer all this information in the same website. For instance, one such website that will surely meet your requirement is So, if you are looking for more information on brokers, you can read more on

What to expect at

When you browse through this website to read more on the brokers, you will be able to know the following about the trading platforms. Check these out.

  • First and foremost the names of the trading platforms
  • How each binary broker differs from the other in terms of services and products?
  • The types of assets that you can select from if you are signing up with a broker or trading platform
  • Whether or not the broker is offering the provision of practicing with demo accounts
  • The minimum amount of money required to trade on the platform
  • Types of expiration time and dates on offer for clients
  • Whether or not a particular broker deals with US traders
  • And if you want to know more about the particular trading platform, you can as well visit their official website. All you have to do is just click on the “Visit Website” button and you will be directed straight to the individual official websites of the binary brokers.