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Do Something, Instead of Nothing

MuseumLast weekend I had an epiphany. You don’t really know you’re wasting your time until you compare a time waster with something that expands your mind.

I went to a museum last Sunday and paid $18 for me and my girlfriend. I said to myself “This sucks, I could go to a movie for this price.” But after going through the museum I realized that I spent 2 hours learning something cool, instead of watching a movie that would have wasted 2 hours of my life. I won’t say I jumped up and down with excitement afterwards but it was definitely¬†better than a movie.

This led me to think of other things I could do that would be good for me, instead of wasting my life.

  • Read a book, instead of watching TV
  • Walk a trail, instead of laying in bed all day.
  • Go to the library, instead of playing Farmville all day
  • Volunteer, instead of playing video games

These are just a few ideas. When you’re doing something that’s a time waster, think about if you’ll remember doing that when you’re older. If you say no, then go do something you will remember. Do something, instead of nothing.

Can you think of other things to do instead of a time waster?