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Choosing the Style of Your New Restaurant

When you plan to eat out, the first question that comes to mind is what style of food are you in the mood for? This is how most people decide where to eat out on any given night. Having a restaurant style that resonates with your community is ideal for maintaining a profitable establishment. Of course, standing out with a unique style of food can also be lucrative. Whatever your business strategy, having an idea of the restaurant style you want to pursue is ideal. Here are some of your choices:

  • Seafood: A lot of people enjoy a great fish or lobster meal. But keep in mind that solely basing your restaurant on seafood can limit your customer base.
  • Steakhouses: This is suitable for communities that enjoy eating at midscale and upscale restaurants. The midscale steakhouses cater to family-oriented customers who enjoy a more casual environment. Upscale eateries will consist of larger cuts of higher quality meat and a fancier atmosphere.
  • Family-style restaurants: These revolve around providing a family-oriented atmosphere that is casual and offer quick or full services. These tend to have menus that have a larger variety of foods.
  • Casual restaurants: This offers appeal to a larger audience, including gen y, gen x, baby boomers, seniors and those with families. These consist of menus with salads, appetizers, desserts and main dishes with mid-range prices.
  • Ethnic restaurants: This makes up a large portion of the restaurant market in the S. These include quick-service joints and upscale restaurants. The three most popular ethnic food choices include Chinese, Italian and Mexican. Other options include Japanese, Indian, Mediterranean, Caribbean and Thai.

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Getting the Best TV Shows and Movies for Your Money

Some people may think of you as an addict when it comes to your copious television and movie viewing. Maybe they think you’re a science fiction nerd, or something like that. Maybe they just don’t get it. You know what the coolest shows are on television and you know exactly when the latest box office bashes are going to be available on HBO and Starz. You just might be the person your friends go to when it comes time to discuss what went on last night on Game of Thrones. You may be the one still angry that Boardwalk Empire is no longer on.

For whatever reason, you know that the premium channels are bringing out the best of the best, not just in movies but also their TV shows. Games of Thrones is one of the highest rated shows these days and it is an HBO gem. So, here are some reasons why it just makes sense to invest some money and order DirectTV in Georgia, or wherever you live. Look into packages that offer great deals on the show packages you want.

The Best TV Shows

While Game of Thrones is by far the best show on HBO, they also offer other greats like VEEP and Silicon Valley. HBO definitely has a little something for everyone, even if you aren’t into movies.

Starz newest gem is Outlander, based on a book series. It’s great for people interested in history, as well as women who want something more than just a soap opera. Starz has a lot of great shows, and some good ones coming up also. They include Ash vs The Evil Dead, Black Sails and The Missing.

Showtime is a favorite channel for horror lovers, with their original series Penny Dreadful. They also offer other great shows like Nurse Jackie, and Homeland. They were home to Dexter and Californication before the shows ended.

The Latest Movies

All of these channels, including Cinemax, offer the latest and greatest movies earlier than cable TV. This saves you money on rentals and DVD purchases by letting you watch without a player. If you have On Demand you can also watch many other films, old and new. Nothing like saving gas not needing to make a trip to the rental store every week!

Premium Free TV

While premium TV does offer some great choices, channels like AMC are giving them a run for their money with awesome shows like The Walking Dead. TWD has a spin off coming soon too, so you know it’s popular.

Before you decide which channels you think you need or don’t need, take some time to look into the current running shows and what each channel has coming out. There are continuously new great shows in the works, not matter what genre interests you. Find a great package that offers you the channels you want and you’ll find that paying your television bill is less of a pain when it’s actually entertaining you! Plus, you just might find that you save some money if you don’t have to buy your favorite shows on DVD when the complete seasons are released.


The Best Free PDF Tools to Help You Save Time and Money

PDF tools are of great help when dealing with PDF files. With these tools, you can split or merge pages, annotate or highlight PDF documents, add a header or even change PDF files. There are many multipurpose programs that offer general features for re-ordering, or splitting pages, and merging PDF files. The following are some of the best free PDF tools that can help you save money substantially:


With Docs.Zone, you can merge files into a single PDF file for ease of use. This feature is particularly helpful in case you need to merge all your data into a single large file to prevent it from cluttering file folders in your computer. The best attribute about Docs.Zone is that it is extremely easy to use. You do not have to be a tech guru to find your way on the site. Should you get stuck, easy to follow instructions are available to guide you.

PDFill PDF Tools

This tool comes with an extremely clean and nice user interface that covers most functions. Some of the functions include merging PDF files, reordering or splitting pages, cropping or rotating PDF pages, and adding footers, or headers, complete with page numbers.

You can add watermarks either through typing some text or through inserting a background image in a PDF format. The tool supports extra features such as decrypt and encrypt with security options. You can run PDFill tools from within a PDFill PDF Editor – a separate installer that contains the tools only.

PDF Shaper

The PDF Shaper offers a host of PDF tools that include Merge and Split PDFs, Decrypt and Encrypt PDF, Convert PDF to Word, Extract Text from PDF, Sign PDF or Rotate Pages and Extract Images from PDF. PDF Shaper is extremely easy to use. When installing the PDF Shaper, it is important to uncheck the bundling a toolbar option. Additionally, uncheck any other component that you don’t need.

PDFTK Builder

This is an incredible alternative to the other above-mentioned tools. An incredible attribute about this tool is the fact that it can reorder or merge selected pages of a PDF file simultaneously. This makes your work quite simple. The PDTFK Builder supports split, encrypt, stamp/background, and rotate features.

jPDF Tweak

Are you looking for a free tool that will give you the highest number of features? Then jPDF Tweak is an excellent choice. You can get its reorder, split, and merge functions under the ‘input’ tab. If you want to enter a new filename, you can enter it in the ‘output’ tab.

With this feature rich program, you can format, watermark, and rotate several pages. Moreover, you can effortlessly change the chapter bookmarks and page numbers. What is more is that you can also enjoy encryption functions. This amazing tool enables users to set document properties and viewer preferences. Lastly, this tool enables you to add an array of attachments to your PDF documents.


This is an incredible tool for those with the desire to visually recompose or re-order multiple pages of a PDF file. The tool helps you rotate, split, extract, merge, and mix pages by specifying your page numbers. Re-organizing PDF pages in thumbnail view has never been easy. In thumbnail mode, you can re-order, rotate, delete or merge PDF pages and save the results in another PDF file.

PDFsam can run on any Java-supported operating system because it is a Java app.

The above PDF tools are highly effective. The fact that they are free means you don’t have to spend even a cent to acquire them. Use them today and experience the magic.


Make Mine a Superbike…


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The skills of the superbike riders are very much considered to be unrivalled in the motorsport world. Theoretically, the combination of sheer speed and amazing handling skills on bikes that are in mass production is difficult to find anywhere else. With the success of Britain’s very own Carl Fogarty, you can begin to see the illustration of why the World Superbike Championships seem to attract such a loyal following.

However, some individuals find themselves wondering exactly what it is that makes these superbikes so different from the same models that can be found on the road. There are drastic variances between the two. The vast majority of superbike enthusiasts find themselves wondering whether there are standards to achieve superbike performance and still be legal on the street.

Superbike Standards


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To begin with, a superbike must have a frame that is exactly the same as a model that would be available on the market. One instance of this would be a Ducatti 1199 or a Honda RC30. It must appear more or less identical aside from the obvious addition of sponsor decals and it must have a four stroke engine to be considered a superbike. Twin models generally have to attain between 850cc and 1200cc. On the other hand, the four cylinder engines can be between 750cc and 1000cc in order to account for the difference in power output.

Superbikes will have some small cosmetic changes from their street legal counterparts. One of these cosmetic alterations include rear-view mirrors. These mirrors will obviously be missing as will the headlights. You would not be permitted on the road or track without these. However, equally the weight difference is really negligible.

Exhaust Upgrades

The first thing most superbike teams tend to do is to replace the stock exhaust with an aftermarket system. An extreme, high-performance exhaust will assist the engine in cooling down more quickly. This permits improved engine activity in a shorter time which in turn will generate considerably greater power.

Exhaust upgrades are truly an alteration where you need to be careful about the rules and regulations. The trade-off for more power is much more noise and often times more heat. This could mean you fall foul of a local racing regulation. It could even mean your bike is not roadworthy or that it might invalidate your motorbike insurance. Be sure to check into these factors prior to committing to a fit.

Wheel Size and Weight

Wheel upgrades can add grip while effectively reducing the weight of a bike. Though they can be costly, those motorbike owners who really want to build up a quality bike need to know just where to go. Most superbikes will have something similar to a 120/70 or a 120/60 tyre size.

You will probably find that if your bike is an ‘off the peg’ superbike there is likely to be plenty of wheel clearance. However, due to this wheel clearance, you might need to make some fairing changes. These fairing changes may be necessary if your wheel clearance is too great.

A Selection of Tyre Choices

Tyre choice is absolutely crucial. It is also very often underestimated in the superbike community. If a rider is serious about nailing a best lap on the track, then having a set of wet, dry and intermediate tyres really is the key. Riders would also be wise to purchase the softest compounds that they can afford. The crucial secret however is to save them for race day. The difference in wear between ordinary road tyres and superbike tyres is quite amazing and drastic.

Brake Upgrades

To match your new found power, your brakes might very well require an upgrade. Again, in this instance, you will be restricted by what sort of brakes your league allows. Ceramic brakes are by far the best for performance. However, they are extraordinarily costly and can favour the riders with bigger budgets.

Any rider will also have to suffer a much greater and sometimes quite ugly brake pad to absorb all of the heat and strain of braking around a track. The extra stopping power will be worth it in the end. Though, you will have to spend some time getting accustomed to your new motorbike brakes.

Marginal Gains

Remember that you do not need to blow the bank to attain the best in upgrades. Thoroughly consider the little things that can be quickly and rather cheaply changed. Altering your wires, spark plugs or belts can all make your drive train just a little bit slicker. Be well aware that though they will not necessarily boost your output power, they will vastly improve the efficiency of your bike.

Engine additives are another popular way of giving your bike a little bit more. Again, some of these are simply not road legal. This makes it crucial for motorbike riders and owners to make sure that they have checked before adding anything into the engine. Superbike performance is definitely possible. Most are just unaware of the fact that it all comes at a cost. Once all is said and done, you are likely to get more enjoyment out of a new bike altogether. This especially applies to those who are intense motorbike enthusiasts. For those who find that the costs of upgrades is just too expensive, try just working a little more on your technique.

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5 Steps to Choosing a Charity to Receive Your Vehicle Donation


Thousands of vehicles are donated to charity each year. Every day and all over the country, donors like yourself are asking questions about the how, when, to whom and why of the donation process as they prepare their vehicles for donation. The first and most important aspect of donating your vehicle to charity is to select a charity that can truly benefit from your donation. The subsequent five steps can help you choose such a charity.

Research the Charity

Finding charities that accept car donations is the most important task of any vehicle donor. At a minimum, you want to find a charity that meets all of these qualifications: 

  • Confirm that the charity is a tax-exempt organization. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) recognizes certain organizations as tax-exempt. If you make a qualifying donation to a tax-exempt charitable organization you can receive a tax write-off up to a certain amount during your annual filing.
  • The charity is set up to receive vehicle donations. Not all charities have the process in place to accept vehicle donations.
  • The charity can provide you with the necessary paperwork to claim your tax write-off. They can provide you with the paperwork you will need to claim your tax write-off.

Verify That You Will Receive a Tax Write-Off

If your primary reason for donating your vehicle is to receive a tax write-off during your annual IRS filing, first verify that your vehicle is eligible for a tax credit. Here are the steps to do that. 

  • The title of the vehicle to be donated is in your name. You can only claim a tax write-off if the vehicle title is in your name. If you need to transfer the title into your name, do that before donating.
  • Get a personal assessment of the vehicle’s value and condition. What you need here is an assessment of the “fair market value” of your vehicle before donation. The IRS only allows tax write-offs up to the full fair market value of your vehicle.
  • The charity is recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt. Once again, you cannot take a tax write-off if the organization you donate to is not authorized to accept tax-exempt charitable contributions.

Certify Your Vehicle’s Value

Getting an assessment of vehicle value is a step donors frequently overlook. Some donors assume the charity will provide this information to them. Other donors assume the vehicle value is the same as the Kelley Blue Book value. Still, other donors are unaware this step needs to be done prior to the vehicle donation. You need to personally get an assessment of the fair market value of your vehicle. The fair market value is the value of your car on the market after any necessary repairs or maintenance has been done. The Kelley Blue Book value of your car may represent the full value of your make, model and year of car in prime operating condition, but you must know the fair market value of your vehicle in its current condition.

Get a List of Your Donor Responsibilities

You also need to know what other responsibilities you have as the donor. For instance, it is your responsibility to be sure the charity can provide you with a written acknowledgement of donation value in 30 days of transaction completion. You are also responsible for handing over the vehicle title, removing valuables and delivering the vehicle safely.

Determine How Your Vehicle Will Be Used

Finally, you will to ensure that the vehicle will be useful to the charity. Some charities can maximize the donated vehicle’s value — and others cannot. It’s a good sign if the charity tells you they plan to sell the vehicle and use the proceeds in their mission, donate the vehicle to their constituents or use the vehicle directly in their work. 

When you follow these five steps, you’ll know you have selected a charity that can accept vehicle donations and make good use of them. 

About the Author: Carla Morton is a tax attorney who assists her clients with making donations to various charitable entities. 

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