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Like Bargains? Us too!

We all want to save money.  For some of us, that means avoiding eating at restaurants.  For others, it means cutting back on designer soaps.  However we do it, the takeaway is the same: times be tight (what the kids are saying; try to keep up).  Because we are so obsessed with finding good deals, we’ve seen organizations like Groupon emerge with multi-billion-dollar valuations.  What does this mean?  Finding bargains is big business, especially if you’re good at it.  But it’s not just finding bargains.  Groupon has revolutionized the way that we view sales, and produced more than one happy consumer in the process.

And they’ve done it again!

Whereas you previously had to purchase a Groupon deal to realize the bargain, their new program requires no such commitment.  With Groupon Coupons, you get real cost savings, up front, without spending a cent.  What’s that you say? That can’t be possible? Most other coupon sites require a subscription?  Well, Groupon Coupons is not like most other sites.  Are we excited about it? Yeah, you could say that.

You’re probably thinking, “Hey, this sounds pretty good.” Then maybe, for just a second, “Wait—did I leave the oven on? Phew, yes, I did.  Where was I?  Oh yeah! But these coupons are probably for out of the way stores that I never shop at.”  Well, this may be true… if you don’t shop at stores like Macy’s or rent a car when you travel.  Groupon Coupons offers over 55,000 completely free, no string attached coupons for over 8,000 stores from Nordstrom to Fox Rent-a-Car; and these numbers are constantly growing.  Our guess: you’ll find something you like.  And hey, at zero cost, there’s no risk.  Maybe with the savings you can get those soaps you like.  Totally up to you; it’s your money!


Top Money Saving Tip: Using Coupons for Grocery

In this time of financial rift in our society, the best ally is using coupons to save when you do grocery and other expenses. Just by looking at your booklets, you might probably think that it won’t do you any good, but you’re committing a grave mistake by not using these coupons. In a survey conducted among average American family, they spend between $500 and $1,100 each month only on toiletries, groceries, pet items, clothes, cleaning products, and even entertainment costs. To help with these expenses, start by using coupons and reading tips on using it through this article.

Casual Coupon Use

This is where the average shopper belongs and uses coupons. Most often, the person saves for the whole cart full of groceries while handing less than ten coupons. They usually end up saving a few bucks from the entire order. If you belong under this category, the chance of saving money is minimal.

Brand Store Shopper

You can save in this category real good. They have even figured out if they could really save more when they bought the generic brand stuff over the branded stuff. If you shop generic brands without using coupons, you can save $200-$300 monthly. Nonetheless, if you use coupons, you can save additional $2 per deal.

Extreme Coupon User

These individuals use the store and manufacturer’s coupon at the same time for one item only. You can set and get better deals with this kind of couponing. They even take the same measures like the Coupon Deal Shopper especially when they look for various deals. They often get two or more deals at one shopping. This may sound crazy but you need not let coupons dominate your life. It is important that you use coupons efficiently on store sales and promotion to enjoy the best savings possible. Do not use all at once and try to maximize the savings when the items go on sale.

Hints on Using Coupons

Optimum savings come from shopping at two or three stores near your town. You can try to take a look at weekly advertisements and go shopping for the top specials you find on each retailer. Bring the coupons when you shop and use them on sale items. It is best if you stick on your grocery list and don’t divulge too much on your impulsive buying tendencies. Plan ahead and shop alternatively. Click here for more information on saving through coupons.


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