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Why you should start your own business

Starting your own business is challenging. It will drain you on both a physical and emotional level as you battle with anxiety, fatigue and doubt. It will present financial obstacles and risks that will determine your future. So, why do so many people take the leap to chase their business dreams and become entrepreneurs? There are just as many, if not more, positive reasons why people start their own business. Here are just a few that may convince you to do the same:

  • You’ll be able to do something you love

There’s nothing worse than dreading going your day job every day. Starting your own business gives you the opportunity to do something you love and make work your passion. As a result, you’ll have more drive, be more inspired and be more willing to go the extra mile.

  • You can establish a work/life balance

It may take some time, but one of the pros of owning your own business is that it offers flexibility. You may be able to set your own hours, work from your chosen location, hire who you want. Once established, you’ll be able to develop your own schedule that helps you achieve a work/life balance you’ve always desired.

  • You can enjoy tax benefits

Found a good retail space for sale but worried about all the costs? Thankfully, owing your own business comes with some good tax perks. You may be able to write off the cost of your car, phone bills, travel, equipment, and so on. You may even qualify for a government incentive that will help fund the cost of renting or buying a space for your business.

  • You’ll build a strong network

Initially, starting a business on your own can feel isolating but it also gives you an opportunity to build a strong network of like-minded people. You’ll be able to swap stories of the challenges that come with entrepreneurship and even find the right mentor that will help guide you on your journey.  

  • You’ll gain financial independence

One of the biggest reasons people take the leap and work for themselves is financial independence. Whether it’s increasing your wage or growing your savings to buy a house or secure your retirement, establishing your own business can offer that and more.

  • You’ll build something to pass on

Owning your own successful business gives you an opportunity to proudly pass it on to the next generation. One day, your passion may become your child’s passion allowing you to watch on as your business expand beyond your original expectations.

  • You’ll grow

By far one of the best outcomes of starting your own business is the growth you’ll experience as an individual. Your knowledge will expand, you’ll develop new skills and you’ll become more resilient. You’ll never gain this growth working for someone else.

Top tips for starting your own business

Feeling inspired to take the leap of faith? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Develop a detailed plan that outlines your mission, goals and deadlines
  • Understand your financial commitment and establish a budget
  • Know the ins and outs of your customer
  • Find your point of difference that sets you apart from similar businesses
  • Get out there and network seeking advice and mentorship
  • Remain determined. Don’t give up when you’re faced with the first road block.

Why should you know Chinese to trade in China?

Communication is the key whenever people are trading. The parties involved have to understand each other whenever they are striking their deals. Communication barrier is a limit to growing your business in other areas. China is offering various chances for people from other countries and continents to exploit. To trade in china, know their language because of the following reasons.


China is a very vast country and that makes it cumbersome for a foreigner to know where to start in building a business. To select the most suitable starting point, you will need assistance in navigating through the country. Knowing the Chinese language will aid you in getting the assistance of the locals to navigate in China. You will be able to communicate what you want exactly.

Local presence

It is apparent that you must learn the Chinese language in order to establish a strong business in their turf. Very few Chinese people have the ability of speaking other universal languages like English and French. Since you require the attention of numerous Chinese to make more sales and better deals, you have no choice but to learn their language. Chinese language is becoming popular too.

Personal interest

To transact well with most Chinese traders, you must learn to develop a personal interest in them. Chinese treasure personal relationships especially in businesses. Commitment to learn their language shows a sign of commitment in cultivating a better personal relationship. Such close relationships will earn you better business partners and financial aid when needed.

Quick establishment

To capture the Chinese market, it is necessary to study them. Your research can only be accurate when you handle it using their language. Your interaction with the locals will make it easy for you to know more about them. The faster you learn Chinese the faster you will have a great business. Thus, it is advisable to enrol in a reputable institute for Chinese tuition. You will find many institutes.


Many international businesses are opting to invest their businesses in China. This is due to the favourable economic conditions and availability of cheap skilled labour. That has resulted in high competition in the major cities. To know of the upcoming towns within China with a promising future, you need the direction of the learned locals. Hence, you must speak their language.

Building staff loyalty

Another problem that numerous companies have in China is retaining their skilled experts. Entrepreneurs know the importance of having highly skilled and knowledgeable experts in their businesses. Retaining the experts depends on the relationship that you have with them. To have a healthy relationship with the experts, it is vital to have a common language.

Getting customers

One common trait that Chinese consumers have is shopping local. Using your international dominance in trying to attract them will culminate in futility. Brand your trade to look local for the Chinese people. Blending in with the locals will enable you to think like a Chinese entrepreneur. Effectual blending is possible when you know their language. This will enhance interaction.


Envirovault is Featured on Business Day

Envirovault is a company that has a mission to be the standard in tank design by offering innovative solutions to common storage tank problems. Envirovault works with all industry stakeholders to promote their advantages in operational savings, safety, security, and environmental stewardship. 

Business Day with Terry Bradshaw has looked at Envirovault because of its innovative technology and focus on the environment. Terry Bradshaw looks for innovative companies to highlight, and Envirovault is leading innovation in its class. 

What is It? 

Envirovault is the patented concept in which a recessed chamber is installed inside the tank with an access door through the tank wall. All values, sample taps, controls, and a heater are mounted inside this access, or the Enviro Vault. 

Envirovault has developed a tank system that can work for practically any application – oil, production tanks, water tanks, rental tanks, instrumentation tanks, separator packages, and more. They can make tanks for any size or specification. 

How Does It Save Costs? 

Business Day TV show looks at how Envirovault can actually save costs with this innovative design. Studies conducted with several oil and gas companies have shown operational savings have paid for the cost of the Envirovault in just two years. 

Some of the cost savings comes from the heated spill containment area, which means trouble-free year-round waste cleanout. Also, warm values are a standard feature of all Envirovaults. Maximum heater efficiency is achieved because the heater is mounted in a recessed area of the tank. 

Envirovaults are delivered “field ready”, meaning they have to add-ons required to be installed in the field. There are also no reclamation costs from tank cleaning, leaking values, or catch pails, due to the tank’s design. 

Business Day on Protecting the Environment 

Envirovault also provides superior environmental stewardship by improving on the design of existing storage tank solutions. For example, the design of the internal values and controls prevents contamination from value and piping leaks and hose connections. Other, non-housed solutions, cannot offer this. 

Furthermore, a cleaner lease means fewer environmental infractions, and a positive, responsible industry image. 

Improved Safety and Security 

Finally, Business Day show looks at how Envirovault delivers improved safety and security for their products. To start, for safety, Envirovault keeps operators out of confined spaces, such as external tank shacks, but having all the equipment in one, easy to access, location. Also, the heated values and sample taps at ground level keep operators off ladders and enables accurate year-round sampling.

For security, Envirovault doors can also be locked to prevent vandalism and theft, which enhances the security of the tank. Unlike traditional external tanks, where values can be tampered with by anyone jumping over a fence, that isn’t true with the Envirovault.

Also, the Envirovault allows for easy transportation, delivery, and installation. The Envirovault can be installed in a single or dual wall format, with tank walls made from steel, fiberglass, or plastic, depending on your situation. The system can be installed in any tank type: produced water, heavy oil, fuel, fresh water, or chemicals. 

Envirovault has built tanks from 25 BBL to over 5,000 BBL, and has installed them on site. Pre-Build weld-in or bolt-in models are also available for on-site retrofits if requested. Plus, since they have an internal design, this mean easier setup and fewer oversize problems during transit. And since no external sheds are necessary to operate these devices, more small tanks can be transported per trailer.  


The Advantages of Linking to and From Instagram

Web designers must now design websites to have links to such social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Instagram is one of the more effective platforms. Here is why having that Instagram link on the website is a must;

Increased engagement

Many times, depending on the quality of the post, content that is posted on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is easy to ignore. When it comes to Instagram, though, it is hard for Instagram followers to overlook the content. An active Instagram account with content that is useful and entertaining can greatly improve engagement levels. According to studies, Instagram content was found to generate up to 58 times more engagement for every follower than the typical Facebook post and up to 120 times more than posts on Twitter.

Trust and personality

One of the biggest benefits of Instagram is in its ability to build trust in the brand. While the website will provide useful information, one can only buy from other people. The benefit of Instagram is that it helps the company create an emotional connection with their audience. Instagram allows one to share their daily experiences and life in such a casual and informal way that one often cannot on the website. Behind the scenes photos or photos of employees working tend to rank highly on Instagram. They make the company more attractive and trustworthy, eventually improving the company’s bottom line.


Instagram is not ideal for keyword marketing, and the only place one can add a clickable link is on the bio. Still, Instagram is an important source of traffic. It has hundreds of millions of active subscribers, and generally has higher rates of engagement than Facebook and Twitter. With an active profile on Instagram, the benefits for the website in terms of traffic will be huge.

Competitive advantage

Even though it is growing in numbers faster than almost any other social media platform, many of the users are socially inclined. The percentages of companies that use Instagram for commercial purposes is still surprisingly low. What this means is that Instagram gives companies a competitive advantage, especially those that are in non-commodity related fields. Small businesses can benefit, using Instagram to reach their target audience easier than Facebook and Twitter.


Forget the paid adverts on Instagram. While they can be useful, the generic natural posts on Instagram essentially allow companies the capability for free advertising. Videos and photos allow companies to showcase their products in action, which generates huge exposure. It gives the website to show their clients more of what they have to offer.


Companies that offer products or services that target millennials are especially at an advantage when it comes to linking to and from Instagram to one’s website. More than 37 percent of this generation uses this app. The under 30 generation is easy to reach with this app, but this does not mean brands that do not target a young demographic cannot take advantage.


Stephanie Clarke is a writer, blogger and social media marketer. She specializes in social media analytics and giving her readers tips on how to make their Instagram followers work for them.


eCommerce is the New Mall

These days, most businesses have an online presence, and a large portion of those businesses are utilizing eCommerce. This is the trend, just as it is the trend for consumers to shop online versus buying something at the mall. Therefore, small businesses are adjusting by launching their stores online. They use tools that will make the process easier for them. Some of the tools help them to build websites; do marketing via email, track ads, and set up online shopping carts.

Website Builder

Small business owners have noticed the success of Amazon, Ebay, and other online stores. They also want to have the same results, so they use tools that will help them get there. One of these eCommerce tools is website builder. You will get a professional looking standard store template. You do not need to have any technical skills. Just drag and drop the store designs where you want them.

You can use the simple WYSIWYG customization, or the most advanced customization using HTML/CSS/Javascript. There is also an SEO product category and page URLs. You will also get to create keyword search using defined SEO meta-tag descriptions. This site builder includes storage, and it also has a mobile store.

Marketing via Email

You can use email for your direct marketing to communicate with your prospective customers or long time customers. You use this form of communication to build loyalty and to have repeat business. With email marketing, part of the tool includes unlimited autoresponders, unlimited follow-ups per autoresponder, and you can broadcast email messages. There is a monthly email limit. You can use autoresponders geared to a particular product.

Additionally, you can set up the emails to have your recipients automatically subscribe or unsubscribe. You will get a delivery and open rates for your HTML messages. When subscribers opt-in and remove, you will get it tracked in real time. Each autoresponder is set up to have its subscribe-by-email. You can also send personalized messages to your clients.

Tracking Ads

With ad tracking, you can use online advertising platforms. The tool helps you to set up a URL that will track the ads that you place. When someone reads the ad and clicks it, they will get taken to whatever site that you have designated for the URL.

You will know when a visitor has clicked on your URL. You will also know from where the visitors came. The tracker will tell you from what country, the search engine used, and also if the user clicked on a computer or a mobile phone. You will know the exact time that it occurred and also the total amount of hits that your URL has gotten.

Shopping Cart

The eCommerce tool also provides you with a website shopping cart. You do not have to be an expert techie to use the online shopping cart. You also do not have to install software. The shopping cart is secured and Certified HTTPS/SSL. You will have admin access that is safe and secure. You also get to accept payments in any currency. You can also upload bulk products. You can track inventory. You get to export orders to QuickBooks and several other options.

In conclusion, to run a successful online store, you will need an eCommerce tool that will help you to build a website; do email marketing, track your ads, and also help you to set up an online shopping cart.