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What to Expect from Cheap Web Hosting Services

The demand for affordable web hosting services continues to rise. Virtually everyone, including large businesses and startups, wants to have a website. If web hosting is a new concept to you and you need to start a website, you may find the process of choosing an option daunting.

Features and Budget

Determining what kind of hosting is most ideal for your requirements involves understanding the available options as well as their features. You also need to evaluate the features provided along with the budget you have set aside for this purpose. This will enable you to find a hosting solution that provides the features you need affordably. These features include:

  • One of the main decisions you will need to make when choosing a hosting service is cost. A cheap paid hosting service is suitable for both personal and professional sites. You can opt for shared hosting that is a popular option among individuals and businesses. The platforms used depend on what the company offers and these could be Linux or Windows.
  • Shared hosting features scalability that makes it possible for people to begin with smaller plans that can be gradually increased along with your growing needs. Shared hosting constitutes low monthly costs and discounted rates that are offered from time to time.
  • Shared hosts provide various features that are aimed at optimizing your site to make it work more efficiently and enhance its dynamism. You will be able to utilize your domain and email address. Customer support ensures that you have access to help when you need it. With shared hosting, server space will be shared with other sites.
  • Dedicated hosting refers to the option of having your site housed by a server on its own. This has the advantage of giving you the independence to decide how resources will be used along with how your server will be used.
  • Dedicated hosting is suitable for larger organizations that attract a lot of traffic. Numerous domains can be used and other sites can be added to a single server if you need to do so. You will enjoy limitless amounts of software options that you have the liberty of installing.

Strong Web Presence

It is important for all businesses to have a strong web presence. This type of presence can only be effectively achieved by having your web page online. Having your own web page will give you the opportunity to be innovative and make it possible for you to make tangible sales through online shopping.

Various factors need to be taken into account when creating a web page. These include factors such as designing the site, coordination and security. Such requirements can only be put in place if you have access to a cheap and reliable web hosting service provider.

There are other hosting services such as cloud and VPS hosting that you can choose according to what you will be able to comfortably sustain. Making the right choice when deciding what type of web hosting service you need depends on sustainability, affordability and the requirements of your site.


Horsedrawn carriages: perfect for corporate events

Horsedrawn carriages are a perfect feature at any corporate event. Once a common part of everyday life, these days a horsedrawn carriage is something to be marvelled at.

Cars, trains and aeroplanes may have left horses well and truly behind in the world of transportation, but they definitely still have their uses. People love horses and they love to ride on horsedrawn carriages.

Therefore if you’re looking to really make your corporate event stand out, horsedrawn carriage hire is perfect. 

Types of corporate events

There are many types of corporate events you can organise. Judging by the charts on, the most common tend to be:

  • Paintballing
  • Zombie apocalypse days
  • Yoga
  • Formal parties

All of the above are fun and fantastic ways of marketing and giving your team motivation.

Zombie days are the latest craze and they definitely aren’t for everyone. If you want to really stand out then horsedrawn carriage hire is highly recommended. 

The benefits of horsedrawn carriage hire

There are numerous benefits of hiring horsedrawn carriages for your corporate event. The main ones include:

  • It’s unique
  • Adds style and elegance
  • Attracts more people
  • Fun and memorable

One of the main goals of any business is to be unique. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, you need to have a certain edge. The fact a horsedrawn carriage is unique and not used by many businesses will give you an advantage. You can use it as a marketing strategy and attract more people to the event. Advertising ‘horsedrawn carriage rides’ will definitely get more people interested in your event.

If you’re looking to impress potential clients then horsedrawn carriages will also help with that. They add style and elegance to your event; creating a more high-end theme. While the cost of a horsedrawn carriage isn’t cheap, it will be a long term investment due to the impression it leaves with your clients/customers.

The fun element is also something you can’t ignore. Corporate events can have the tendency to be a little dull. Hiring a horsedrawn carriage will liven things up and make sure your event is anything but boring. This in turn will keep your guests talking about it and that will generate even more interest in the company.

Businesses that do take advantage of horsedrawn carriage hire are clever and resourceful. It’s a well-known fact that people love horses. They represent power and strength which is something you want people to associate with your business. Having horses there will give your business a more important stature.

Overall, there are many ways to make your corporate event a success. Horsedrawn carriages are the topic of many excellent stories. They can really help to set your event apart from the competition. You can either hire the carriages to take people on rides, or simply to stay outside the venue to enhance the theme of the event.

Carriage rides are a great way to explore an area and they can be really fun too. Why not take a look at the cost of horsedrawn carriage hire today to see if it’s something your business could benefit from?


What to do when clients don’t pay

when clientsdont pay

If you’ve been the victim of non-payment by another business, chances are you’re furious. Chasing up invoices is not the most productive use of your valuable time and, when clients simply don’t pay up, it can be a real problem. Astoundingly, recent estimates as blogged about by Wonga suggest that UK SMEs are owed more than £55bn in missed payments in 2014.

With clients increasingly failing to cough up (the situation has worsened by 52% since the summer of 2013), many businesses are turning to increasingly meticulous vetting software to scope out clients ahead of beginning a working relationship. This information makes it easier to reach an informed decision about whether or not a business will be able to pay for the goods or service you deliver. But what if it’s too late for that and you have not been paid?

Try a Mediation Service

Softly, softly catchy monkey. Mediation services are far less expensive and stressful than launching straight in with legal action. They’re often far faster too, utilising professional, unbiased mediators who help both sides reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion. If your non-paying client simply won’t respond to requests for mediation, however, you may need to take heavier measures.

Use a CCJ

County Court Judgements (CCJs) are legal judgements handed down by a county court. These judgements are also referred to as “taking someone to small claims court”. You will need to pay a court fee and if your claim is not successful you may not get your money back. The government website provides a helpful guide to the process which can result in the bailiffs getting sent around…

Issue a Statutory Demand

Once you have issued a statutory demand, the business or client in question will have 21 days to pay you in full (or to offer acceptable payment terms). Often this is enough to scare the company into coughing up. Especially since statutory demands can often lead to much more serious winding up petitions…

Move on to a Winding Up Petition

If a business fails to meet this deadline, they could risk facing a winding up petition (WUP). A WUP will require the company or individual to attend small claims court for a hearing. This hearing will be held in an open court and they will require legal representation.

This is the most serious step at your disposal so approach issuing a WUP with extreme care. You need to be absolutely positive that you are in the right, you must have unequivocal proof of the debt and you must have tried a number of other options before you take this serious step. These petitions are costly. They cost between £300 – £800 to issue, plus a £1,190 court deposit alongside the filing fee. This means they are not to be taken lightly so think carefully before progressing with this step and ensure you are receiving experienced legal advice.

Have you been affected by non-payment in the past? How have you handled the situation and which method have you found to be the most effective? Share your experiences and read others’ below.

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Why Should You Get Quick Merchant Cash Advance for Your Business?

No matter how big or small your business is, you can sense the need of emergency fund at any point of time. However, business owners often find it very difficult to get a source from where they can avail the fund required for their business and most of time they become helpless.

A merchant fund advance can be the best option one should opt for in such a situation, as it allows a business owner to access cash in quick time. However, the most important thing about the merchant fund is that it is easy to obtain and there will be no need to submit the report of your financial health or credit history. In this article, you will have a closer insight into the concept of merchant fund and you will be able to know how it helps your business to grow.

Why You Should Prefer Merchant Fund

If you have found your business capital much lower than what you need to run your business operation quickly and do not want to follow strict terms and conditions of a traditional business loan, then you should prefer merchant fund that will allow you to access instant cash in a friendly way. Here are some notable advantages of merchant cash advance.

  • There is no need to submit a stellar credit history
  • It is cash-flow-friendly
  • You will not have to write checks, as the remittances are automatic
  • You can avoid fixed monthly payment in tough times and there will be no set maturity date in the process
  • It is easy and faster than availing a traditional loan

How Merchant Cash Advance Can Help Your Business

If you are trying to avail fund to set up a new business or developing your existing one, the option of incurring merchant fund will definitely help you in achieving your target. Here are the situations, where merchant fund can help you a lot.

Buying Equipments

You may need to buy or replace several types of equipment such as computers, telephones, machinery or vehicles to keep your business operational. However, if you do not have sufficient fund to purchase important equipment, you can apply for a merchant fund advance for instant cash flow with friendly terms and conditions.

Covering Payroll of Your Employees

It is not possible for your business to make a profit in every month of a year or you may find that your customers have not made credit payments cleared yet. However, whatever the condition is, you still have to pay your employees, otherwise, you may find them less productive.

In such a situation, you can opt for a plan from merchant fund that will help you in covering payroll for your employees.

Help to Promote Your Business Efficiently

In order to expand your business and your customer base, you will have to promote your business efficiently, which is an expensive process. However, by taking the advantage of business fund advance, you can cover all the costs of advertising conveniently.

Meeting Tax Obligations

If you are running a business, you will have to be well aware of the taxation process. No matter whether your business is making profit or loss, you will have to pay tax at the end of the year. However, if you have not prepared any plan for tax yet, then you should approach for merchant fund that can help you in meeting the tax obligations and avoiding penalties.

However, a merchant fund advance is not a type of traditional loan. In this process, the fund provider deducts a certain amount of cash from future debit and credit card sales of your business with discount.

Author Bio – Jonathan Rodrigo is a financial advisor, working for a reputed financial institution. Apart from this profession, the author independently writes blogs on capital management including merchant cash advance.


Customer communication protocols

People running businesses sometimes fail to understand how inter-personal skills and business etiquette can help or hinder the acquisition and retention of customers.


Dealing with some types of business problem is relatively easy. 

Obtaining capital injections can typically be achieved through people such as and it’s always possible to take business development advice from centres such as your local chamber of commerce or even the government’s own websites.

Yet business protocols are less frequently discussed – sometimes with potentially disastrous results. 

So, here are a few basic business courtesy tips that it might be advisable to adopt:

  1. stay polite but formal with customers unless you have worked with them for a long time.  That means avoiding immediately starting to use forenames. In fact, you should normally ask the customer if they mind you calling them by their forename before doing so; 
  2. be cautious with humour.  Unless you know the other party well, it is easy to offend or be entirely misunderstood; 
  3. switch your mobile phone off when you are dealing with a customer.  Nothing infuriates people more than when you keep checking your mobile and pushing buttons while they are trying to talk to you about business matters; 
  4. dress smartly.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is old-fashioned. Looking as if you have just come straight off of a demolition site when dealing with customers is hardly likely to fill them with confidence – even if you are trying to sell them demolition services; 
  5. respond promptly to email and phone messages. People typically understand you may not always be able to respond immediately but they will expect at least an acknowledgement of their communication within a sensible time period; 
  6. don’t horse around. You may think your antics are amusing but you may be perceived as being either juvenile or flippant – neither normally considered to be desirable characteristics by customers; 
  7. under no circumstances should you lie to your customers. Leaving aside the ethics of telling lies, human beings can frequently detect when someone is lying to them by their body language, voice patterns or logical inconsistencies / implausibility in the story being told. If something has gone wrong, tell the truth, apologise and put it right quickly – but don’t lie! 

Even in our typically modern and informal world, the above practices will normally be very well received.