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Should I Buy This Book? Review: Business Lessons For Entrepreneurs

Business Entrepreneurs The longer title for this book is Business Lessons for Entrepreneurs: 35 Things I Learned Before The Age of Thirty. Pretty long title but it’s a pretty good book. It has a lot of great lessons that the author has gone through so it’s a learn from his mistakes kind of book.

The Negative

It’s pretty general as far as the lessons are concerned. You can find them all on the internet if you look around so it’s not really any breakthrough lessons.

The Positive

A lot of lessons that you need to know about in one location. The lessons are grouped together into four sections so if you want to shoot straight to a certain group of lessons you can. I also like that the lessons were a couple of pages long so you can get through many of them without getting bored.

Would I Buy It?

Yea I’d recommend it if you’re just starting/thinking about starting out on your own entrepreneurial journey. They are definitely lessons you need to know.

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Business Lessons for Entrepreneurs: 35 Things I Learned Before The Age of Thirty

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Should I Buy This Book? Review: How To Run A Thriving Business

How to run a thriving business is a pretty good book for someone deciding if they want to run a business or someone that’s about to start a business. It doesn’t really go into any of the technical aspects like accounting and inventory. It goes into mostly how to choose a business you’ll be passionate about, how to hire a great employee that will work hard for you, and how to market creatively.

I would definitely recommend it to those that are beginning to start a business or thinking about it.

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Should I Buy This Book? Review: Nickel And Dime Your Way To Wealth

Nickel-and-Dime-Your-Way-to-Wealth-Second-Edition-9780976700937 I’m going to say I was pretty impressed. It basically gives the philosophy of a little bit here and there really adds up over time.

It’s a story about a parking lot attendant and how he made very little money yet he was still able to create a small fortune over time.

I really like all of the little lessons it teaches about how you shouldn’t have an excuse that you can’t invest. The main gist is to buy and hold and to keep buying.

The Negative

Not really a big negative but it makes the book show its age because it talks about getting a pager to free up money to purchase stock. Pagers? Wow. But you get the point about what they’re trying to say.

The Positive

It really goes over the basics of buying and holding and how to free up money to invest. I really like the message in the book.

Would I Buy It?

If I was just starting out in the world of personal finance I would. It really shows by example how it’s possible to become rich over time on a small income.

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Nickel And Dime Your Way To Wealth New

Nickel And Dime Your Way To Wealth Used

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Should I Buy This Book? Review: Creating Your Own Destiny

I am just going to give you a quick review of Creating Your Own Destiny.  I really enjoyed this book.  It teaches you how to control your life and not let others control it for you.  It also talks about creating your own wealth by starting businesses and starting different streams of income which is the key to becoming financially free.

This book also has a great section about overcoming fears and adversity.  Just start.  Go after what you want in life.  A great example is starting your own business; the hardest part is just starting.  This book does a good job of providing motivation that you need to start a business.  It also goes into setting up goals to accomplish becoming financially free .  I really, really, really enjoyed this book.  I think that everyone should own a copy.  It is very motivational.  This book is a short book, only about 150 pages.  It isn’t a long read but is packed full of a lot of information.

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Creating Your Own Destiny New

Creating Your Own Destiny Used

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Should I Buy This Book? Review: Spend Your Way To Wealth

I really like this book. The title pretty much sums up the book. It goes over how to save money by getting discounts on pretty much everything. It gives tip on:

  • Coupons
  • Negotiating on everything
  • Traveling
  • Buying a house
  • Shopping
  • Buying a car
  • Shopping on the internet

I found it really helpful. My favorite chapter is the last one because it goes over making goals and goes over how saving money takes work.

The negative

The only thing I really found negative was that the author doesn’t believe in budgets, and equates it to dieting. I can see where he’s coming from but I think that budgets are essential to having a solid finance life. But to each their own.

The Positive

Pretty much the whole book is a positive. There are tons of money saving tips for the various things I mentioned before. It does promote buying but it does save over and over that it’s not about buying stuff you don’t need. It’s about buying stuff you would buy anyway and saving money on it.

Would I Buy it?

Absolutely. It’s a great book and I learned a lot from it as far as savings go. I would recommend it for someone who wants to learn how to save money and negotiate prices. If you are having trouble sticking to a budget then his advice on not budgeting might before you. I’d at least try it to see if it works.

Buy It

It has my recommendation.

Spend Your Way to Wealth New

Spend Your Way to Wealth Used

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