Envirovault is Featured on Business Day

Envirovault is a company that has a mission to be the standard in tank design by offering innovative solutions to common storage tank problems. Envirovault works with all industry stakeholders to promote their advantages in operational savings, safety, security, and environmental stewardship. 

Business Day with Terry Bradshaw has looked at Envirovault because of its innovative technology and focus on the environment. Terry Bradshaw looks for innovative companies to highlight, and Envirovault is leading innovation in its class. 

What is It? 

Envirovault is the patented concept in which a recessed chamber is installed inside the tank with an access door through the tank wall. All values, sample taps, controls, and a heater are mounted inside this access, or the Enviro Vault. 

Envirovault has developed a tank system that can work for practically any application – oil, production tanks, water tanks, rental tanks, instrumentation tanks, separator packages, and more. They can make tanks for any size or specification. 

How Does It Save Costs? 

Business Day TV show looks at how Envirovault can actually save costs with this innovative design. Studies conducted with several oil and gas companies have shown operational savings have paid for the cost of the Envirovault in just two years. 

Some of the cost savings comes from the heated spill containment area, which means trouble-free year-round waste cleanout. Also, warm values are a standard feature of all Envirovaults. Maximum heater efficiency is achieved because the heater is mounted in a recessed area of the tank. 

Envirovaults are delivered “field ready”, meaning they have to add-ons required to be installed in the field. There are also no reclamation costs from tank cleaning, leaking values, or catch pails, due to the tank’s design. 

Business Day on Protecting the Environment 

Envirovault also provides superior environmental stewardship by improving on the design of existing storage tank solutions. For example, the design of the internal values and controls prevents contamination from value and piping leaks and hose connections. Other, non-housed solutions, cannot offer this. 

Furthermore, a cleaner lease means fewer environmental infractions, and a positive, responsible industry image. 

Improved Safety and Security 

Finally, Business Day show looks at how Envirovault delivers improved safety and security for their products. To start, for safety, Envirovault keeps operators out of confined spaces, such as external tank shacks, but having all the equipment in one, easy to access, location. Also, the heated values and sample taps at ground level keep operators off ladders and enables accurate year-round sampling.

For security, Envirovault doors can also be locked to prevent vandalism and theft, which enhances the security of the tank. Unlike traditional external tanks, where values can be tampered with by anyone jumping over a fence, that isn’t true with the Envirovault.

Also, the Envirovault allows for easy transportation, delivery, and installation. The Envirovault can be installed in a single or dual wall format, with tank walls made from steel, fiberglass, or plastic, depending on your situation. The system can be installed in any tank type: produced water, heavy oil, fuel, fresh water, or chemicals. 

Envirovault has built tanks from 25 BBL to over 5,000 BBL, and has installed them on site. Pre-Build weld-in or bolt-in models are also available for on-site retrofits if requested. Plus, since they have an internal design, this mean easier setup and fewer oversize problems during transit. And since no external sheds are necessary to operate these devices, more small tanks can be transported per trailer.