Why Christmas is an opportunity for your business

Whatever your business sells, or whatever service it offers, you should never think that marketing over the Christmas period is a time to let marketing lapse and rest on your laurels until the New Year.  Now is the time to get in there, make yourself stand out from the crowd and be rolling in it come January. Far too many businesses think because they don’t deal in seasonal products or services it’s pointless even trying to pull together any kind of marketing strategy and instead spend an insane amount of money of boring Christmas cards printed with your company name.

Do you realise how many of these large companies get? Why should yours be the one to make the impact? In short it won’t so it’s time to step outside of the box and look at other ways in which to make Christmas a great marketing opportunity for your business, whatever you sell or offer.  Forget targeting the bosses, look towards the people who you deal with. Those who do the ordering, those who you have in your email list, these are the cogs that help keep that big wheel turning, and are the ones who are overlooked when it comes to corporate Christmas merry-go-round.


Send Christmas Ecards

The most exciting and innovative way of sending seasonal greeting for decades, sending Christmas ecards to those aforementioned people will have more of an impact on your business come the New Year than you could ever imagine.  Imagine coming into your office or cubicle in the morning knowing you have a pile of emails sitting in your inbox waiting for attentions, You are working your way through them when suddenly you are faced with flickering candles, twinkling lights and soft flakes of snow falling onto a thick white blanket. This is the impact a Christmas ecard has. The recipient will be overjoyed and remember who it was who totally brightened up one of their most boring tasks of the day.  Whenever they are feeling stressed they can open it up and look at it time and time again, and probably won’t have even glanced at the pile of cardboards cards which are disappearing into the rubbish bins with alarming regularity.  Whose Christmas greeting are these people going to remember? Yours. And the beauty of them is that there are so many to choose from you can send a different one to everyone, with a different message. This guarantees that when they are talking about them in the coffee room your name won’t be mentioned in the same sentence as skinflint or Scrooge.

Clever Corporate Gifts

The big boss doesn’t need another bottle of cognac or malt whisky, he will be drinking this years’ supply well into the next year. As above, target those people who will actually benefit your business and not the faceless names who probably don’t even realise you exist.  Although they are much maligned and thought of as highly impersonal, when it comes to corporate gifts for people you have never met there really is nothing better than gift vouchers.  How do you know your fine wine hamper isn’t going to a recovering alcoholic, or those luxury chocolates that cost the price of a short holiday aren’t being received by somebody whose lactose intolerance? Extreme scenarios maybe but it really isn’t worth running any unnecessary risks when it comes to your corporate Christmas gift giving.  Vouchers in a seasonal gift wrap with a personal hand written message will really hit the spot. If you are dealing regularly with an entire department try and find out how many members there are  to ensure they all get one. Once again, a clever marketing ploy that will ensure you are remembered for all the right reasons and will have your order books bulging come January and February.

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