The Advantages of Linking to and From Instagram

Web designers must now design websites to have links to such social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Instagram is one of the more effective platforms. Here is why having that Instagram link on the website is a must;

Increased engagement

Many times, depending on the quality of the post, content that is posted on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is easy to ignore. When it comes to Instagram, though, it is hard for Instagram followers to overlook the content. An active Instagram account with content that is useful and entertaining can greatly improve engagement levels. According to studies, Instagram content was found to generate up to 58 times more engagement for every follower than the typical Facebook post and up to 120 times more than posts on Twitter.

Trust and personality

One of the biggest benefits of Instagram is in its ability to build trust in the brand. While the website will provide useful information, one can only buy from other people. The benefit of Instagram is that it helps the company create an emotional connection with their audience. Instagram allows one to share their daily experiences and life in such a casual and informal way that one often cannot on the website. Behind the scenes photos or photos of employees working tend to rank highly on Instagram. They make the company more attractive and trustworthy, eventually improving the company’s bottom line.


Instagram is not ideal for keyword marketing, and the only place one can add a clickable link is on the bio. Still, Instagram is an important source of traffic. It has hundreds of millions of active subscribers, and generally has higher rates of engagement than Facebook and Twitter. With an active profile on Instagram, the benefits for the website in terms of traffic will be huge.

Competitive advantage

Even though it is growing in numbers faster than almost any other social media platform, many of the users are socially inclined. The percentages of companies that use Instagram for commercial purposes is still surprisingly low. What this means is that Instagram gives companies a competitive advantage, especially those that are in non-commodity related fields. Small businesses can benefit, using Instagram to reach their target audience easier than Facebook and Twitter.


Forget the paid adverts on Instagram. While they can be useful, the generic natural posts on Instagram essentially allow companies the capability for free advertising. Videos and photos allow companies to showcase their products in action, which generates huge exposure. It gives the website to show their clients more of what they have to offer.


Companies that offer products or services that target millennials are especially at an advantage when it comes to linking to and from Instagram to one’s website. More than 37 percent of this generation uses this app. The under 30 generation is easy to reach with this app, but this does not mean brands that do not target a young demographic cannot take advantage.


Stephanie Clarke is a writer, blogger and social media marketer. She specializes in social media analytics and giving her readers tips on how to make their Instagram followers work for them.

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