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Should I Buy This Book? Review: Masters Of Sales

I just want to do a quick book review today on a book called Master of Sales.  It is a pretty good book.  I found that I got a lot of great tips from it.  It covers everything from getting clients, cold calling, even some online sales techniques.  I would recommend it.  As I started reading I found that the beginning was very sales oriented, meaning you need to be a salesman to enjoy it.  When I got about halfway through I finally got to some information that applied to me as far as online.  I would recommend it for anyone doing any type of sales, either online or in person.  It’s really a good book. It has a lot of different essays from many experienced sales people.  It does a pretty good job of giving examples and having them tell their stories about how they learned the business.  The best way to learn is from the experience and mistakes of others.  This book does a really good job of this.  I would recommend this to anyone looking to get into sales at any point of time.  I highly recommend Master of Sales.

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  • Should I Buy This Book? Review: Masters Of Sales…

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