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Should I Buy This Book? Review: Easy Money

Easy Money Easy Money is a very thorough book. It’s written by Liz Weston, “The internets #1 personal finance expert” and a writer for MSN money. It’s pretty much a complete guide for finances, it goes over cutting your spending to retirement.

The Negative

I found it to be really boring. It really didn’t keep me wanting to read. I know personal finance isn’t the most exciting topic but still, it could have been better.

The Positive

It really has all the information you need to be covered in a personal finance book. My favorite chapter is called “Changing your uneasy mind”. It goes over several different thing people say to themselves like “I’ll never understand this money stuff” and “We’d be fine if our income was just a little higher”. As she goes over them Liz talks you out of saying them.

Would I Buy It?

Not really. It really didn’t interest me at all. I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners because it might turn you off. I’d probably recommend it as a desk reference. Something you could look back in if you needed a refresher.

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  • I like how you dont mince words by saying “I find it really boring”!!! Awesome! :)

    • i calls em as i sees em :)

  • Subscriber via email–brand new.


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