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Should I Buy This Book? Review: Dating Your Money

DatingYourMoney I will say it’s an interesting book. It kinda scared me off a bit in the beginning by talking about The Secret. But as I read on it really turned into a great book about getting to know yourself and your relationship with money. I really like it because I feel like it gets into the mental aspect of people and money.

The Negative

Most of the beginning of each chapter kept talking about feeling….a little too much. There’s also an included money mood meter which I could not understand at all.

The Positive

It really dives into why you spend and how to change the way you view money. It can really help you out if you spend excessively. There’s also a lot of extra content on the authors site, so I thought that was pretty neat.

Would I Buy It?

No, but it’s a book aimed at the female demographic, so if I was then I would buy it. I did find it good and would recommend it for women out there that have a hard time getting control of their money.

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