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Why Christmas is an opportunity for your business

Whatever your business sells, or whatever service it offers, you should never think that marketing over the Christmas period is a time to let marketing lapse and rest on your laurels until the New Year.  Now is the time to get in there, make yourself stand out from the crowd and be rolling in it come January. Far too many businesses think because they don’t deal in seasonal products or services it’s pointless even trying to pull together any kind of marketing strategy and instead spend an insane amount of money of boring Christmas cards printed with your company name.

Do you realise how many of these large companies get? Why should yours be the one to make the impact? In short it won’t so it’s time to step outside of the box and look at other ways in which to make Christmas a great marketing opportunity for your business, whatever you sell or offer.  Forget targeting the bosses, look towards the people who you deal with. Those who do the ordering, those who you have in your email list, these are the cogs that help keep that big wheel turning, and are the ones who are overlooked when it comes to corporate Christmas merry-go-round.


Send Christmas Ecards

The most exciting and innovative way of sending seasonal greeting for decades, sending Christmas ecards to those aforementioned people will have more of an impact on your business come the New Year than you could ever imagine.  Imagine coming into your office or cubicle in the morning knowing you have a pile of emails sitting in your inbox waiting for attentions, You are working your way through them when suddenly you are faced with flickering candles, twinkling lights and soft flakes of snow falling onto a thick white blanket. This is the impact a Christmas ecard has. The recipient will be overjoyed and remember who it was who totally brightened up one of their most boring tasks of the day.  Whenever they are feeling stressed they can open it up and look at it time and time again, and probably won’t have even glanced at the pile of cardboards cards which are disappearing into the rubbish bins with alarming regularity.  Whose Christmas greeting are these people going to remember? Yours. And the beauty of them is that there are so many to choose from you can send a different one to everyone, with a different message. This guarantees that when they are talking about them in the coffee room your name won’t be mentioned in the same sentence as skinflint or Scrooge.

Clever Corporate Gifts

The big boss doesn’t need another bottle of cognac or malt whisky, he will be drinking this years’ supply well into the next year. As above, target those people who will actually benefit your business and not the faceless names who probably don’t even realise you exist.  Although they are much maligned and thought of as highly impersonal, when it comes to corporate gifts for people you have never met there really is nothing better than gift vouchers.  How do you know your fine wine hamper isn’t going to a recovering alcoholic, or those luxury chocolates that cost the price of a short holiday aren’t being received by somebody whose lactose intolerance? Extreme scenarios maybe but it really isn’t worth running any unnecessary risks when it comes to your corporate Christmas gift giving.  Vouchers in a seasonal gift wrap with a personal hand written message will really hit the spot. If you are dealing regularly with an entire department try and find out how many members there are  to ensure they all get one. Once again, a clever marketing ploy that will ensure you are remembered for all the right reasons and will have your order books bulging come January and February.


Trading Terminology 101: What Are Securities?


binary optionsBecoming a trader can sometimes feel like you’re taking up a second language. There is a lot of terminology in this industry, which means you should really make a point out of learning as much of it as possible whenever you can. Start today by reading about securities, it’s a very common term you’ll hear for the rest of your life as a trader.

A Basic Definition of Securities

Securities are a broad term for various financial instruments. This could refer to an option, a stock in a publicly-traded corporation and a bond from a company or government. Therefore, a security really just represents some kind of financial value. Whoever issues this security, and it could be a company or some other kind of entity, is known as the issuer.

A Closer Look at Issuers

Given their relationship to securities, you’ll want to understand what an issuer is exactly. Again, all they do is provide the security to an interested party. For instance, it could be a municipal government that is issuing bonds to help raise funds. These traders buy securities for the sole purpose of later selling them. Wholesale investors do something similar, although they usually buy and sell bonds for clients. Of course, there are also institutional investors. They include pension funds, investment banks, insurance companies, and managed funds. All of these groups are issuers and they have that name because, at some point, they issue securities, whether those are bonds or stocks.

The Two Types of Securities

There are two basic kinds of securities: debt securities and equities. The former represents capital that is borrowed and must be paid back at some point. This will mean following terms that define the principal and interest rate as well as the maturity date. Government and corporate bonds, preferred stock, certificates of deposit (CDs) and collateralized securities (CMOs and CDOs) all fall under this type of security.

Equities represent a shareholder’s ownership interest in a corporation. Stock would be a good example. Unlike debt securities, where the owner usually only receives interest plus the principal back, those who hold equity securities can also profit from capital gains.

As you can probably imagine, the SEC is in charge of regulating the public offer and sale of securities. This is one more reason you should continue learning about them as much as possible if you want to deal with securities. While there are profits to be made, you have to play by the rules.

Mind Over Money

What’s Really Causing The Down Economy?

The Economy is based on how much money is being spent. So why is nobody spending?


The TV is filled with stories that the world is coming to an end. That would make me want to save my money (and I do). If I don’t spend money then businesses don’t make money. If the businesses don’t make money then they don’t hire people. If people don’t have jobs then they don’t have money to spend. It’s a deadly cycle.

If either people stopped reading the news and watching TV we would be in a lot better shape because we wouldn’t know about the bad and would think everything is hunky dory. Ignorance is truly bliss and would help our country a lot, as far as the economy. But since people aren’t going to stop watching TV then we’ll have to think about something else.

Ninja had a good spin on the economy saying 91% of the U.S. does have a job. So how about the 91% of us that do have a job, help those that don’t by spending money. That would cause the business to make money, which would cause them to hire more people, which would cause those people to spend their money.

Sure you may be in debt up to your eyeballs, or your house may be underwater but that didn’t stop you from spending before. How did those credit cards get that much money on them? That’s right, you spent. So keep living your life like nothing has happened, spend your money and get payday loans. Eventually everything will pan out.

It’s a simple solution to a complex problem but it makes sense, doesn’t it? And then the TV will stop running stories about how the economy sucks. So lets take action and spend your money. Your country is counting on it!!!

What do you think about my solution?




A Few Reasons to Take Out Life Insurance after Turning 50

You might think that life insurance is for younger people but there are a few good reasons for taking out life insurance after turning 50. Each case is obviously different but many people benefit from a greater peace of mind after taking out a policy for one of the following reasons.

To Cover Loans

No matter what age you are you won’t want to leave the burden of an outstanding loan behind you. This is why a life insurance policy can give you great peace of mind. The amount you need to cover will determine the premium you need to pay and you might very well find out this type of insurance cover is a lot less expensive than you thought.

To Pay Inheritance Tax

If you are going to be leaving behind a substantial amount of property then inheritance tax could be a big concern for your heirs. One way of helping them out with this amount is with a life insurance policy. You may need to ask an expert in the field to help you work out the amount you need to be covered for but you will feel a lot better once you have the policy in place.   

To Pay Funeral Expenses

A worry for many of us is how our family are going to be able to pay for our funeral expenses once we pass away. As the figure involved in arranging in most funerals is relatively modest the policy in this case shouldn’t cost a fortune. Often you can start getting quotes beginning with the minimum sum insured on offer and take it from there. If you find that even the minimum amount on offer is pretty high then you will be in the pleasant position of being able to think about leaving being a bit extra for your family.

To Help Out Relatives

In other cases the person looking to get insured on an over 50 life insurance policy will simply want to leave some cash behind for their family. This is a fantastic thing to do and it is especially rewarding if you know that your family will find that the money comes in really handy. Organising your own life insurance policy isn’t always the most exciting or pleasing thing in the world to do but if you can at least think about the good things which the eventual payout could do then it will be something well worth doing.  


4 Ways People Look To Make Extra Money Online

In modern society there are countless ways to earn income online. Many people manage to maintain full employment remotely, working through their computers in all kinds of jobs. Many more conduct their own freelance activity or start small websites or businesses, using what talents they have to attract clients. Even aside from these more normal employment situations, however, there are plenty of smaller, simpler ways that people look to generate side income online in their spare time. These little efforts toward bonus income are what we’re looking at in this piece.

Ebates & Reward Apps

As you may well know, there is a large category of shopping and task reward apps that have become fairly popular among people looking to generate side income. Sites like the Penny Hoarder and others geared toward frugality and hustle often review these apps, which has only grown their popularity. Generally, the apps involve deals for certain products or tasks for users, such as photographing receipts in exchange for rewards. Ebates is perhaps the most straightforward of them all, however. It’s essentially an app that helps you search for products, and if you buy them through the app, you get a small cash back reward. If that sounds too good to be true, reviews stress that Ebate is not meant to be a part time job. However it does work, so if (and only if) you need a product anyway, there’s no harm and some reward in buying it through the app.

Betting & Gaming

Being perfectly clear about matters, real money betting and gaming is generally a losing proposition. This is why the sites make so much money. Most players know this and take their chances anyway however, because it can be fun and because there’s at least the chance of generating some side income. We wouldn’t make a recommendation for or against this kind of activity – only that you remain cautious and strategic whatever you decide to do. If you are interested in real money gaming activity, do your research. Most online casinos offer bonuses to players that can help you make the most of the varied selection of games and offerings, and can give you a leg up. There are also some games that give the players a better chance at winning than others. Researching factors like these can at least make success somewhat more likely.

Fantasy Sports

Conventional fantasy sports, in which you join a season-long league, pick a team of players and compete based on how those players perform, has never really been much of a financial game. You can organize prize money among friends, to be sure, and find paying leagues online. But generally speaking it’s just for fun. The past several years have brought about the rise of “Daily Fantasy,” or DFS, however, and this works differently. On DFS sites like DraftKings, Draft, and even Yahoo Sports, you pay a fee to enter a contest, pick players for a given game, day, or weekend’s worth of events, and earn a cash prize if you finish above a certain point in the standings of those competing. Like regular sports betting, this is usually a losing prospect; the odds are against you. However, it is at least a fun way for those with an interest in sports to try to generate the occasional side bonus.

App-Based Investment

Investment has always been a way for people to generate extra income on the side. These days, however, it’s taking on a new meaning. Investing has been made easier via trading apps that are easy and attractive to use, and which boil down the stock market to simpler decisions with lower fees. As one write-up said, Robinhood (one of the leading apps in this category) keeps its experience simple on purpose, in an effort to appeal to users. Robinhood has no fees for trades and a stock can be bought or sold with a few taps on a touchscreen. Now, some view investment as little better than betting, and we’d caution here that this is not a way to make money if you don’t educate yourself thoroughly and gain an understanding of the markets. Even then, there are no guarantees. However, this is certainly another method a lot of people are trying of late.