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Binary Options: Money saved through lesser liquidity requirements

Except for a job, doing any business or investment venture requires that you maintain working capital. In a job you don’t have to set up a supply chain, pressure debtors to pay full and quick, or think of delaying tactics when paying creditors. However, when you are doing any business, you need to maintain cash or bank to continuously fund running core operations until a profit is attained. Insufficient funds just halt to a grinding stop any business.

In the same manner as any business, trading derivatives also requires maintenance of “working capital”. This is particularly the case in trading regular options. Whenever a trade starts to go bad, you have to make good the margin calls to avoid closure of your position in a loss. Even so, you never know for how long or deep the loss position will go on. And until you find an amicable position, you need to keep funds at the ready. In regular options trading, you decide at the inception of any trading account the leverage you wish to use. The higher leverage you use, the greater will be your funding requirements in case of an ongoing loss.

Trading binary options would also require one to keep his funds at the ready. However, the requirement is never as intensive as it is in regular options trading. You do not have to worry about margin funding once you run a loss; when you run a loss, it’s a loss. You do not have to maintain liquidity for margin funding. In this aspect, binary options save you money inherently. For example, unlike regular options trading, if trades get deeply out of the money, traders borrow from the broker or banks at very high interest rates to remain liquid.

So what exactly do you need the working capital fund in binary trading? The answer is, to make more trades. You have to remain liquid enough to make trades whenever you see the “technicals” on your interface blinking an opportunity. If a 10 minute binary option leads you to a loss, it does not matter. If the loss is a one way slide, make another trade with the funds available and may be use a shorter trade time frame. This way you can always recover your losses quickly and save your money.

Consider a situation in regular options trading. You make a loss by big margin, that leads to a margin call. You have no other way but to close you position with a higher amount of loss then your original investment. You have to start over again to recover all those losses, “capital plus what you lost in margin call”. Now if this was a binary options trade, your position would have expired in a short period leaving you a loss of your invested capital. However, you minimize your loss and save money quicker, by making another trade considering the market slide; there is no requirement to recover “capital plus loss in margin call”.

Therefore, it is comfortably proved that operating a binary options trading portfolio, practically requires minimum liquidity maintenance, and hence save you quite a lot of money.

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Don’t Make Payday Loans a Scapegoat

Payday loans are the fastest way to get cash before your payday and the best way to get financially ruined in no time. People often forget that any money borrowed from a payday lender will generate high interest rates that summed up to an already existent debt, make payday loans a heavy load to pay off.

If you are already trapped in a debt circle resulting from credit cards, mortgages or another type of loans, you do not really need to add a payday loan to this circle, but find suitable alternatives for your imminent money need. There are at least four alternatives to a payday loan that might be the answer to you are looking for, so simply analyze them and decide yourself which is the best in your particular case.


The most viable way is talking to your creditors and asks the possibility to extend your due date. Okay, you need money, not refinancing or similar thing, but this way you can take the money that you reserve to repay your debt, assuming that you have this money available in a savings account or somewhere at home. There are two possibilities here; on the one hand that you really need the payday loan to repay other debt. In this case, a creditor can extend the due date without reporting to the bureau or charging a penalty for late payments, thus removing the need to get cash advance. On the other hand, you might have never thought to put aside any money to repay your debt, living on a paycheck to paycheck basis.

Credit Cards

However there is a second alternative here, as long as you need the money to buy something or that your credit card grants you access to cash advance. Yes, using your credit card to pay for items is cheaper that borrowing money from a payday loan. However getting a cash advance from a credit card (when allowed) is costly than paying for goods at the time of purchase, although both of these solutions into one financial instrumental will always be cheaper than a payday loan, and some banks give a few days grace period to repay cash advances before interest rates apply.

Family or Friends

The third alternative to payday loans is not always suitable and not always impossible; which is to borrow money from a family member, friend or even your neighbor. Perhaps this last thing will only give you nothing more than a few bucks, but sometimes a few bucks can make a difference. However family members or friends may have your money solutions in their hands and it is about daring to ask them. The main advantage is that they may lend with no interest rates, but there is a risk factor involved here. Money is often responsible for broken relationships, so if you are unsure of your financial capability to repay their money in a timely manner, you will do better select another alternative. Be honest about your financial situation when talking to them and never promise without having the certainty on what you are saying.

Reevaluate Expenses

Perhaps the fourth alternative is the best of all of these; cut down on your bills. Depending on how much money you need, you can cut out some services that you do not need, or you can delay the payment without being reported to bureau if your delay does not exceed past 30 days. If you cannot live without paying your carrier the extra module that enables you to text your friends beyond the limit of you cell phone plan, for instance, then try to cut out the amount of beers that you drink. Tighten your belt for a month or two will not hurt and can give you the extra cash that you need, or can be an “extra” income if you keep reducing expenses consistently.

There are several other alternatives to payday loans, but these are some of the easiest solutions that you can find.

Author Bio: Noel Finlay works for a company that provides information on quick loans. 

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Mistakes People Make When Taking Out A Short Term Loan

Taking out any quick loan is difficult. That is especially the case when people want to take out such a loan from the internet. They are drawn in by the simplicity and can easily end up faced with more problems than they initially had. In order to help you make a proper financial decision, let us consider those mistakes that most people often make at the moment. That will aid you in avoiding them.

Taking Out The First Loan That You Find

You can be lucky to find a short term loan with good rates or one that has a really high interest rate. The differences noticed between lenders do tend to vary a lot and it is usually a very bad idea to just settle for the first offer you locate. Our recommendation is to make a list of the most reputable lenders that service your country. Use the internet because the best deals are available online.

After your list is complete, try to learn all that you can about the lenders. That will help you to understand what financial entity is honest and what company tries to take advantage of people that are in need. Stay focused only on those with really good reviews. You should always avoid those that have various complaints written about them on the internet.

Not Talking With Friends And Family Members First

We have to understand the fact that these loans do have high interest rates. You can find one that would offer the amount you need with a payday repayment schedule but you can expect to pay much more back than with any other loan type. With this in mind, all financial advisors recommend that you first ask friends and family members. Try to get as much as possible from other sources and then focus on short term loan lenders. That will help you to repay less when you give the money back.

Not Reading The Contract Before You Sign It

Even if you conduct a really good and lengthy research, you may still end up in talks with a dishonest lender. Make sure that you read every single line of the contract that is sent to you. That will aid you a whole lot more than you may imagine since nobody can take advantage of you unless you sign such a document. You have to see all the facts that were promised in writing and you need to be extra careful with the repayment terms.


The biggest mistake that you can make when you need to take out a short term loan is to hurry. This may sound weird but in the event you use the internet, you can easily learn all that you need about the lenders and end up making a suitable choice in just one day. It is really easy to find all that you have to know and it is not difficult to receive the money in just a couple of days from the moment you make a decision.

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How to Look for Legitimate Online Jobs

The internet has revolutionized our way of life and has entered into every nook and corner of our lives. It is not surprising that the work we do is also changing to use the power of the internet. As the internet grows and more people are connected to each other every day, the range of online jobs simply keeps increasing. Every day sees the creation of a lot of new online jobs.

Unfortunately, with so many  legitimate jobs, there seems to be an equal, if not more, opportunity for frauds. There are thousands of websites promising tens of hundreds of dollars for unskilled work like data entry. The simple fact of the matter is, no company is ever going to pay you money to do something so trivial and even if it does, it will usually be a few dollars an hour, not enough to sustain a living. In spite of obvious signs, a number of people fall victim to one or more of these online job scams.

You’re going to pay me how much?

It is important to be protected against scams while looking for legitimate jobs online. One obvious sign of trouble is a really high sum of money for something that doesn’t require a lot of skill. The online marketplace works just like any other marketplace, that is the better skilled you are and the more the demand for your skills, the higher your pay. If something seems to be violating this principle, beware.

Now just because there are hundreds of scams out there doesn’t mean that you cannot find some real jobs. The internet has allowed communication possible like never before and distance no longer seems to be an issue. An American worker can take on assignments for an Australian or English client with as much ease as an American company. This significantly increases the ease of finding suitable jobs and assignments to work on.


The easiest way to find real and legitimate jobs online is to freelance your time. This works like any other freelancing, i.e. you essentially work for yourself and do not limit yourself to one employer. This is increasingly becoming common simply because companies need people for shorter projects and assignments and prefer freelancers instead of hiring someone full time.

You will need to find a skill and niche for yourself and then work on the projects accordingly. The internet connects you directly with your employer for the project and the website usually handles the money aspect of the work. Some of the well renowned sites in this niche include oDesk, Elance, Guru and VWorker (Formaly RentACoder). These are well established sites with enough jobs posted for everyone. It is important to recognize your skills and look for jobs accordingly.

Surveys, Surveys, Surveys

There are other kinds of jobs that you can consider doing, such as surveys. There are again a lot of scams in this but a number of legitimate companies do offer surveys to be completed. You can be rewarded either in cash or in the form of coupons. It is important to know that this is just to help you with some additional income and savings and is usually not enough to support yourself. On the other hand, freelancing can help you live off the money you make on the internet.

Have you done any online jobs before?


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Simple Ways To Earn Money From The Comfort Of Your Living Room

Earn Money

Earning money from home used to be a pipe dream that we all had. It was very difficult to achieve that in the past, but thanks to the online revolution, it’s easier than ever to secure a stable income working from your living room. With that in mind, we’re going to make a few suggestions in this post that you might like to consider. Take a quick read through, and you should come away with a better understanding of the opportunities open to you at the current time.

It’s always a good idea to keep your eyes and ears open when looking for online earning potential. That is because the landscape is constantly changing, and new endeavors are presented almost every single month. To ensure you don’t miss out on anything, it will be wise for you to stay updated with recent news and developments. You can do that by bookmarking a few relevant websites and checking them each day. The suggestions below are all viable at the moment.

Become a blogger

Whether you start your own blogs or work for a marketing agency, being a blogger means you can earn lots of money while sitting at home in your underwear. There are many benefits of choosing this role, but the most prominent relates to your working hours. In most instances, you can decide when you work and for how long. That means you can fit the job around your family commitments and social life. If you work for a marketing agency, you’ll probably get paid directly. However, if you start your own blogs, you’ll earn money from advertising and paid placements.

Trade on the stock market

Most people think that stock market trading is far too complicated for them, but that’s simply not the case. There are hundreds of books available that tell you exactly how to go about making a profit. Alternatively, you could simply employ to services of a reputable brokerage firm. We advise you read through You can also check similar websites to get a better understanding of trading.

Start an E-commerce website

Selling online is big business. While you’ll never compete with the likes of Amazon, there is still more than enough room in the marketplace for you to make a decent profit. All you have to do is get some initial investment, purchase some quality items in bulk and list them on your website. Providing secure payment methods like Paypal will also encourage more sales. Your main worry, when choosing this form of earning, is the promotion. You’ll need to get your head around online advertising techniques to help drive potential customers to your site.

Write a book

Publishing your material used to be very expensive. However, you can now do it for almost nothings thanks to print-on-demand services like Createspace and Lightning Source. They are both exceptionally simple to use, and have the tools required to cover every single step of the process. You might have to pay someone to design a good cover, but that’s pretty much the only money you have to spend.

As you can clearly see, earning money from your living room is a viable possibility these days. Why would you want to commute to your local shop or factory when you could sit in your underwear all day long and secure a higher income?

Good luck!