Why I’m Starting This Site

Let me just start with a short intro about myself. I’m Kevin, I’m 26, and my income is around $24,000 per year. Me and my girlfriend currently live together with roommates. She’s the love of my life and I’m lucky to have her. We have combined our finances, so that adds about an extra $10,000 per year to our income. Our income isn’t that much for a couple and I don’t plan to have it increase too much anytime soon.  I’ve spent a lot more money than I have for a long time and about a year ago I decided to stop. I realized that in order to have a less stressful life I would need to get my finances in order so I wouldn’t have to deal with not having enough money to pay bills.

I’m hoping with this site to help other people, like me, get finances to the forefront of their thoughts and to have a less stressful life. I’m starting this site to help people like me that don’t have that much money to save and need help to get their finances in order. My aim for this blog is to tackle the financial habits that cause Poor finances, as well as the mental aspects. The biggest thing I hope to gain is better control of my finances and life.

Thank you for joining me in my journey.

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