Im Putting It All Out There

I’m a fan of free, especially when it comes to information. Even giving away an email is the same as paying for information.

Since I don’t like that I’ve decided to discontinue my eCourses and post them on here. So in the next several weeks I’m going to be posting the 3 courses that I have available.

The first up is my Do What You Want eCourse. After that will be my Jump Start Your Financial Freedom eCourse, and then finally my Investing eCourse that went along with my Ebook.

Each week I’ll be posting 2 days of the course and these will all go in order as if I was emailing them to you.

For my Do What You Want Course I am going to be updating it and I will be editing a few parts out because that information just can’t be out in the wild. If you sign up for weekly updates via email, you may get some of those secrets.

Anyways, get ready to take notes and to learn what I have to teach you. The posting schedule will be Mondays and Thursdays. This will start on Monday. Be sure to comment on the posts if you have anything to say or have any questions you need answered. I hope you enjoy.

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  • Thanks, Kevin! I’m looking forward to it!

  • Cool! I can’t wait to get your content to see how it’ll help me. Thanks for being risky.


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